Raiding - Am I REALLY looking at Mythic Garrosh?

I feel like I'm cheating, doing mythic Garrosh when it's been nerfed so much.  I've watched videos done by my friends and I feel like what I'm doing now is nothing like what it is supposed to be.

But of course, perhaps this is my reward, for continuing to play and raid all the way to the end of the expansion, and for not giving up.  Maybe this is Blizz's way of saying "Hey, here you guys, have a free Mythic Garrosh kill!"  Well, not really free.  We haven't killed it yet.

Felt like I was scraping around for people and even had some of my battletag friends on standby. CT even sat in Vent listening - he told me I sounded stressed!  He'd better not listen to me PvP then...

Jazz and Nath were playing off 4g because they just moved house, and their connection was so poor that they couldn't even get on Vent. We managed to scrape together 20 and off we went.  We were progressing well. You still have to pay attention to things.  People can't move the wrong way, people can't be DYING on the dream phases.  Haevela died twice from a FPS drop and I told him no more dying or I have to sub him - Luxy whispered me and reminded me that I was to be MORE SUBTLE, and do it in whispers. Shamefacedly I apologised to him, and reminded myself that we are not here to yell at people, we are here to have fun. I went again my better judgement and allowed poor Duck to be replaced by one of Exray's friends - I think just so we could see what it was like if we pushed it.  The transitions were faster, yes, but inside I was disappointed in myself for wanting progress more then unity.  Come Wednesday, I won't be doing that again. Guild > Progress, I have to not lose sight of that.  If we can't do it with our guild then we shouldn't be doing it. Poor Duck.

We actually made progress during the night.  Our Jade Temple transition was better, esp after the warrior subbed in, and getting to Phase 4 and being able to see it ourselves and what it's like was really amazing.  To faceroll it a bit more we would need everyone to put out a little bit more damage overall - and Exray asked me if I thought we could 2 heal it.  I already struggle during the standing in weapon with 3 healers and also with the whirling corruptions (I AM REALLY MISSING MY SHROOM BLOOM).  So I said no.  I wish I was a shaman, I think that the healing would be even more amazing if I had been.

I felt bad because I had to tell people to be quiet.  Our regular 10 don't need to talk much except to say when we're using cooldowns and we don't have everyone yelling raid instructions because we're used to just listening.  However, I had to rein in a few excitable people who wanted to make comments or give instructions which was confusing to other people.  This 20 people thing is hard stuff!

Our best attempt was Garrosh to 7% in phase 4. Everyone was really excited.  I keep thinking about what I need to do better - I have difficulty trying to see who doesn't have the buff from the bubbles in the dream phase and I want to know so I can keep lifebloom on those people, though those phases are a lot better now, as the last few we didn't have anyone dying. Also, would you believe I am throwing mana around like you would not believe - I am actually going down to 8k or so and that worried me because I can't run around healing like that when I'm level 100 where mana is a precious commodity. The malice mechanic is being done differently to how I have watched my friends do it - our malice person stands still and everyone ELSE runs in and out of it, which is really interesting.  And then we got thrashed by iron star on our final attempt for the night but really that was the first time we saw that, so hopefully it will be better after that as we figure out what we're doing.  The last half hour seemed to be solid progress with each go, from my point of view and I hope that Wednesday will bear some fruit of our small labours.  It would be exciting to finish off the expansion with a kill. Some have said to me that there are too many people who are not ready for mythic raiding in this raid, and yes gear-wise they are behind.  But if you look at each fight, I think that everyone was listening, learning and improving, which seems to me that they ARE able to do it.  I will be smiling that secret smile to myself if we do get it, because to me it will feel a little bit like 2 healing Thok with no paladins - everyone saying we can't do it and we showed them that we can.


  1. The Temple buff is called Consumed Faith.

    For P4. We have 5 people stack to spawn the first Iron Star. Note that if any of the 5 has Malice, you will need someone to jump in quickly as a replacement. Cluster scan for Iron Star occurs every 3s. For Tribo, we stack 3 ticks into Malice 2, rest of the raid spreads 3s before the first bombardment starts. Once Iron Star spawns, RUN for your lives! Have kiter stay nearby with a mini CD for when it lands.

    3 healing should be no problem! Shout/scream/poke your DPS to kill Desecrated Weapons quicker in P1! Don't forget Mage Amps for P3 :)

    You'll get it Frostwolves!

    <3 from the bishy Tribo GM. :P


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