Minipost: Scarlet Commanders in the guild!

So what's that title?  My guildies were very excited to get that title because it's a title you get if you have the fastest challenge mode time for Scarlet Monastery.  Each of the other dungeons has their own special title if you have the fastest time.  Something I wouldn't see because you really need a disc priest to be hitting those times, or no healers at all.

Grats to Exray (Snowcaller) , Lushen (Synfire), Aza (BankofAlpha) and Consti (Potato) for the title! And grats to Norplex too - Exray says he was in Frostwolves once... back on Khadgar :)


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    1. Whoever holds the current best time for the challenge mode gets the title. Once it's beaten, the title is gone. So gotta take a screenie while you have it!


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