Dragonray's Mog the World in 80 days competition

Dragonray is having a competition - Mog the World in 80 days! It sounds challenging but it's not really that hard - for 12 weeks you have to come up with a mog that fits the flag of one of the countries in the list for the week (not all of them like I thought previously!)

The rules:

  • The colours/theme must match the countries current flag.
  • The list on each page may be outdated but it is the official list we are going to base this competition on. (Original source)
  • Transmogs can be submitted in Mogit, ModelViewer or ingame
  • Your event entry must be able to use the outfit as a proper end-game transmog (so no Gnomes in Shaman gear or Goblin Rogues with shields) including cloak and helm. Disqualification of your entry if this not correct.
  • Include the gear you used for each outfit please.
  • Transmogs must be emailed to me by 6pm Friday night (AEST) of each week this allows us time to collate/judge on the weekend and announce winners on Mon/Tues. e.g. the first week cut-off is 31st Jan 6pm. Multiple weeks can be submitted at once, please advise country/week they are for. Consider a file name of [dragonray_Aust_week1.jpg] or something similar. Send the screenshots to my gmail.com account of onyxiia.
  • The judges for this event are CymreKamalia and me!  Dragonray will be providing the images to us unnamed so we won’t be able to judge on person, just style.
  • Finals will consist of picking the top three outfits over the entire event.
  • Scores will be released during the finals week for all contestants.
  • One of the prizes is a Deluxe Digital Edition of D3 Reaper of Souls!


  • Judging will be based on 2 criteria with a maximum of 15 points.
  • Theme – have you used the correct colours for the flag/country? (5 points)
  • Flavour – Originality/style/combo. (10 points)
The challenges for each week can be found here.

So, what are you waiting for? :D Come and join the fun!


  1. Hi Navi,

    sorry to nit pick, but in you last part you state there will be a maximum of 15 points awarded, but the total for the 2 judging categories comes to 20 (5 +15). Please explain or is this a typo.


  2. I wonder how many times I can try to post before it actually works :) So, the above was my error, I was talking and typing at the same time and that never works.

    But it is out of 10 and I have updated it on my page.



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