It's good to be home!

Though I'm sad that my trip has come to an end, it is nice to be home.  Though, it was surprising that where it's late autumn in California, they still had temperatures up to 28 degrees Celsius when we were there, and when we got home, where it's almost summer, it was a not so warm 20 degrees Celsius and raining.  At least my vegetables didn't die since it rained all week.

I had a funny routine over in the States.  I would go to Starbucks every morning and get some kind of coffee, preferably one of the holiday ones (Gingerbread Latte was my favourite) - which is something I don't do over here!  I also suddenly had a love of eating mexican food LOL.  At least they had soy milk there!

When I came home, I was dying to raid, so I was even happy to sit through a 2.5 hour LFR (2nd SoO) just to get my fix.  It was a terrible group with lots of wipes and lots of tanks disappearing and stacks of determination.  I met someone in the LFR who was someone that I had RBG'd with from Frostmourne (Yang) and was surprised that they remembered me.  But in the end, we got it done (the last round of replacmements on Nazgrim had good tanks and players - I think 60% of the raid had left and was replaced).

Balinar had started playing again after we saw him at Blizzcon, and he had also transferred over to Saurfang. So, since he had made the effort to come over, the least I could do was keep him company for 2nd SoO LFR so he could get to the third one.  You can tell how WoW deprived I was because I just stayed around waiting for everyone, not complaining much - even Kyxyn had logged off and watched some TV, played with the kids and come back and when he came back I was still in the same LFR.

That evening I was excited to be raiding again and we did Flex wing 1 and 4.  At least we got up to Garrosh! We had a decent turnout and after we knocked off the first wing we culled it down.  I think it won't be long before we can do Wing 2 with some undergeared people (if we stay on our mains) but that was my first look at wing 4 in Flex (the guild had done some last week) and it was cool getting to see Garrosh.

It's Monday now and I think people are itching for a normal raid.  See what we can get up to tonight.  It's frustrating that we have to keep starting again every week especially when we don't get a full raid in, so we may have to do what we did in ToT at some time and think about extending.  Aza is against it because all his gear drops from the first bosses, but I think if he sat out every other week that would be ok for him so at least he could get a chance to get his loots every week.  We'll see how it goes - Asys was talking about patch but I'm pretty sure that I heard from Blizzcon that there will be no more content patches between now and the expansion (there will be mini patches though) so I wonder if it's going to be like it was in Dragon Soul, where we were on that content for AAAGES.


  1. Glad you're back and getting to raid. Now I can go on a diet to deal with the aftermath of all those good food pics you posted, lol.

    1. I think I need to go on a diet too after all that good eating!

  2. Welcome home!

    15+ degrees is summer! Wish I lived in a warmer country, it's like 0-10 degrees here now these days.
    I'm so cold, I'm actually wearing wool clothes inside right now and I'm going to make hot cocoa soon.

    Starbucks! We don't have Starbucks where I live, it's not so common in Norway and Sweden, I think there
    is one at some of the airports and in central Oslo. But we got something similar, still not the same taste.

    By the way: So fun to see all the pictures from your trip! :D

    1. Thanks Syrco! I hope your computer troubles end soon!

  3. Glad you had a great time on this side of the Pacific. It was great reading your exploits and seeing the great photos. One of these times you'll have to swing north. ;)

    Oh, and there's no such thing as soy milk (not entirely safe for work due to a couple spots of language)

    1. NO soy milk??? One day I will go further north and we shall meet IRL :)

    2. That or I'll try to get to a BlizzCon. Methinks Austraila is a bit outside the accounting firm's capabilities at the moment...lest I come alone and end up living in a doghouse when I get back.


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