The Wyvern's Tail Hallow's End Screenshot Competition

Kim at The Wyvern's Tail has made a Hallow's End Competition, and I wanted to join in since I didn't join in her last one.  I cheated and did what I was good at - Children's Verse!  Perhaps I should have stepped outside my comfort zone and done something different, but you know how it is - when you're inspired, you write, and whilst I was at work eating a dreadful diet chocolate with no sugar and carob (HARDLY EVEN CHOCOLATE IMO) this popped into my head.

Enjoy and wish me luck! Or better still, submit an entry as well!  I think the closing date is tomorrow.

Azeroth and Hallow's End

The moonlight cuts through blackened night
Her pale facade, a beacon bright
For Hallow's End has come around
And once again, on hallowed ground
Adventurers will stalk the streets
To visit inns and consume sweets.
A time when ghosts amongst us tread
A time to honour fallen dead.

What fun be had! Costumes galore!
The wands will change your shape and more
And masks to don upon your face
Collect them all from o'er the place!
The Headless Horseman has returned
Was once a knight, now light he's spurned
Acursed he rides in glorious death
Though he believes WE draw no breath.

Save our villages from his wrath!
He burns what lays within his path
As children scream and smoke fumes furl
Great bucketloads of water hurl
Success! The Spectre's kept away
And we have won another day.
We must return him to the ground!
In Scarlet Monastery he'll be found.

The Wickerman stands proud and tall
At night you'll hear Sylvanas call.
The straw man burns, a homage proud
When Forsaken escaped the shroud
Their minds and wills freed of the yoke
The Scourge had pushed upon their folk.
Alliance lack respect and they
Need to be told to STAY AWAY!

So pick your teeth until they shine!
And hope that mount shall soon be thine.
Loot your pumpkins, trade your candy,
Sinister Squashling's mighty dandy!
Jam a pumpkin upon your head
Or throw one on someone instead!
So 1 or 90, red or blue,
Hallow's End's got some fun for you!


  1. Oh, just what I've been hoping for, some Navi rhyming. And scary rhyming! Even better.

    1. I feel like I'm cheating though. Perhaps I should try to write some grown up poetry!

  2. Oh Navi that is grand fun!! Love it!

  3. Wonderful as always, Navi! You've wrapped up just about everything there is to do for Hallow's End into one sweet package!

  4. It's not lack of respect... we just want to celebrate with you too!!!!!!

  5. Those are gorgeous…breathtaking Navi!


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