Raiding - New guildies in Sunday Flex

The next month is going to be a challenge!  Moo had family business to attend to and had to go back overseas for a few weeks, and in 2 weeks, Lush and I will be heading off to Blizzcon, effectively wiping out 2 weeks of raiding.

I was looking forward to having Fue raid with us on Sunday Flex but he couldn't make it, which was a shame.  However, we had two NEW guildies (though not really new accounts) join our raid - Cptsars, who was one of Priestietute's friends from Blackrock transferred his shaman over (he already had a mage alt here), and Skreedle faction changed her hunter to be horde, and now I have to get used to calling her Jez!

I was a little late to logon (child issues as usual) and the raid was pushing 20 people.  Exray and Lushen from our Dath'remar Frostwolves side brought various alts in at different times, Arvash was there on his paladin, and Edsee (Taloski's mate) was there too.  Faith even joined in!

I was fully expecting to have to kick people out from Norushen, but we managed to get that down - in fact, we got everything down until Nazgrim.  We struggled there, and we probably will have to make lower geared DPS sit for that, but it was rather fantastic that we got that far in the first place!  I still rememebr struggling to get Norushen down on Flex.

Voros turned up in time to be able to get a tier chest from Sha, and Moo logged on as well.  However, laptop WoW with no addons and no Vent/mic is the suck and they were not playing  as well as they normally were due to the whole overseas thing.

Faith was a real sweetie - she kept asking me when she needed to drop so she wasn't being carried to heavily, and it turned out we got her all the way to Nazgrim before I had to ask her to drop!  Even then, we were tired and the attempts on Nazgrim got worse (our first attempt got ot 4%) and there were some issues about when to bloodlust for that boss.  We'll work it out by tonight, I'm sure.

Nok was healing, and the poor guy was lagging coz he died like anything! Priestie said she would raid normals, so I'm pretty pleased that the raids will go on whilst I'm away - hell, I might even have to fight for my spot LOL!

In total, there were 18 epics looted during those 2 flex runs (1st and mostof 2nd wings).  I had 2 of them but I sharded mine, but hopefully some people got some upgrades.  Voros won't be back for another week, but at least Sars is here so there's another filler.  Oh my gosh, we went from no shamans for a year to 3 shamans.  Who knows, next year we might have 3 monks!


  1. I'm glad you guys are working through Flex :D Its a fantastic addition by Blizz and gives my guild something to do together which our differing skill levels wouldn't have allowed before ^^ More Flex for all \o/

    1. I think I like it because it brings back the guild feeling - doing stuff together, and doing it for fun. Yay Flex! I'm glad your guild is doing the same Jemma!


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