Raiding - Galakras's ASS is GRASS

It was the first day of guild donations so I was busy sorting that out before raid. Lucky I had done my food farming earlier in the week!

We had made some good progress last Monday on Galakras, getting the towers down and everyone at the bottom was surviving and we had to practice catching the ball.  It's still pretty horrible, to tell you the truth.  I am not sure what we aren't doing right except maybe people aren't running to catch the ball and it's hitting its target at full.  Of course, stacks are high too, so people die from the damage taken.  Melee are always dying first.

Our best attempt was 22%.  10 minutes to go, last go.  Well whaddaya know!

Galakras was dead and the only people left standing were the tanks.  That ball thing is just crap, and I am sure we're not doing it properly, and it was messy as hell, but next week we shall practice again!  But for this week yay!  New boss kill!

Throughout the night we had people taking loot, so it was great to see.  I tell you what's hax - WHAT IS WITH THE CONSTANT WARFORGED CLOTH THAT DROPS???  Aza and Sev said jokingly "What, you mean there is some other loot OTHER than warforged?"  Those two are all nicely decked out with 3 pieces of warforged each I think!

Taloski scored a warforged leg from Galakras, and Moo some offspec bracers.  I think Blizz is trying to tell him to tank because he took an offspec shield earlier.

I see now what Beru was talking about when you heal with a paladin.  Seriously, I cannot get a heal in.  At all!  Bloody pallies LOL!

Tanks: Raked + Kyjenn ~ DPS: Aimei (Lushnek), Moopiex, Azadelta, Sevrus, Sabrehawk ~ Heals: Navimie, Taloski, Cranked (Asys)

Poor Luxy had issues logging in so I sat her out and she missed out on the kill.  I felt sad because she was a little sad IRL too, and I promised that she could come Thursday night.

I begged Zwingli to make me a belt, as every other leatherworker had been spoken for, so yay I got a new belt which means I have to spend a zillion gold reforging and regemming again.  Ugh!

Asys has said that he enjoyed healing so much that he would like to make it his main.  So now we are back to 3 heals again!  Which means Aimei is tanking on Mondays. Fun fun!

Which reminds me, I am going to make a gem list for donations!  That will make reforging and redoing gear less painful.  Off to look at all the raiders to see what gems they use.  And good work Frostwolves!


  1. Horray for your Galakras kill! Good luck with the next few bosses! I'll be curious to see how you guys handle dark shaman :)

    1. Thanks Tyle! But we're about to enter a shortage month because of holidays so fingers crossed!


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