PvP - Could warriors please just go away??

Doing games on Wednesdays always seems to yield better results - I swear, on Fridays, every team we face has a warrior in it and they drive Sev crazy.  Warriors seem to be the anti-warlock class and Sev whinges about getting locked out and stunned all the time.  Makes me wonder if he should use a cc pet instead of his Observer, because I am always angry with the observer.

The observer is cool because of the silences, but because Sev also uses Soul Link and killing his pet is bad.  Healers are often the target of the Observer and when they hide behind boxes, I can't heal the pet because of LOS.  Now that I've gotten used to being in protected positions instead of being out in the open, I get really disgruntled when I have to run out and chase the pet to heal it.  Often on the way to healing the pet I get blasted down by casters and stunned by melee which means not only did I NOT get any heals on pet, but I also ended up getting myself killed.  Makes me wonder if he should just bring the Succubus or Shivarra out instead because at least they stand out in the open for me to heal.  Sev does prefer us not to use crowd control (sheep, cyclone) because he likes to dot everything up and that's good for draining the opposite healers's mana.

And I'm sure it's an exaggeration, but it really does feel like spell reflect is up ALL the time.  Shab keeps telling me to fake cast to draw it out, butthen I have to remember to put some crappy spell on... and that's if I remember!  If I'm doing an instant then I can just imagine the other team laughing as I've done a nature-swifted cyclone back on myself... Sev gets really angry when his fears are reflected back on him as well.  I'm not sure if Shab's poly'd himself... but he's probably too embarrassed to tell me if he had anyway. 

On Friday night, Sev wasn't feeling well, and we lost a few games and Sev decided to go lie down.  Shab has been really disillusioned with 2s lately because he is very bursty and once his burst is gone he feels like he can't do very much and we get killed.  However, we did alright on Friday - there were some teams I was worried about like a double DK team, which turned out not too bad as they beat us the first time and we got our revenge back later.  We went and did some bgs afterwards to wind down, but that only got me more wound up!

Shab wanted to bring his healer, and I am wondering if I should make some sort of DPS class, because he and Sev like doing BGs on their alt healers.  Queueing as 3 heals is horrible because inevitably the DPS we end up with are HORRIBLE.  We had a Twin Peaks with an awesome DK tank but the DPS were playing in mid farming kills and not chasing the EFC so we ended up doing really poorly.  Our flag got snatched as we ran back and I chased him down cc'ing and noobfiring and being a pest trying to hold him back so DPS could get him and we got the flag back but couldn't cap because I KNEW the DK was being cc'd by the two rogues that were doing the double gank on me and Shab.  The hunter in our group just let loose yelling and being an idiot about how bad we all were, and the good part was that everyone was on the DK's side.  I said that the DK was an awesome tank and the only reason I was still here was because of the fantastic job he did against 3-4 enemies surviving. The hunter continued to mouth off about how we should just leave group because we are clearly retarded, someone else in the BG piped up saying he should just be quiet, and the DK actually did more damage than he did.  After everyone laughed about that, he went quiet.  Ha to him.

Shab switched to his mage after that and we won a few BGs so I could cap conquest for the week. Strand of the Ancients is hard these days because there is a cast time on placing bombs so I can hardly get a bomb down on a wall anymore!  The tradeoff for that though, is that the bombs now do tons of damage to the walls, compared to previously.

Shab has finally got his own comic - I'm sure he will be shaking his fist at me as I immortalise his famous moments in our arena team's history LOL!


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