Navispam - Far out Brussel Sprowt!

For those non Australians, "Far out Brussel Sprout" is a collection or children's rhymes from my childhood days with other rhyme books in the series "Unreal, Banana Peel!" and "All right, Vegemite!
I always tease Sprowt of Sprowting Words about being a lazy blogger :)  She's pretty busy though - she is the guild leader of Dark Wolves, a mother of two children - I know how busy that can get!

My EU sub had run out for the last month, so I hadn't popped over to say hello to anyone for a while.  And the Isle is starting to bore me, so I would use any excuse to get out of doing dailies or farming for pets.

But, inspired by Starre's visit, I decided to go and look for her again.  I hadn't had much luck previously and the times she would be on, I would be at work, and the EU WoW is only on my home computer so I'm limited in the days that I can go over to see her.  However, I was really lucky - she was online but she was in Siege of Orgrimmar, and I thought I would just say a quick hello and wait it out for a while to see if she would be out.  However, she very rapidly finished and she left her LFR and came to see me in Orgrimmar. Little did I know that she had left her LFR to come say hi - it had been not going well.

I said that I'd hoped that she wasn't abandoning her guildies, and she said no, just her OH.  I thought she meant OffHand, but she actually meant Other Half and we had a good giggle about that.

She made a grand entrance on a Heart of the Aspects mount, and then we started chatting about blogging, raiding, guildies, pets...

I might have nagged her about updating her blog... just a little.

And we danced with her new pet!

I noticed that Sprowt wrote a little about my visit - but I was very impressed with her vegetables and all the activities she was up to!  This year is the first year I've tried growing stuff from seed, and it's been rather fun and the kids like to see growing things.  Thanks Sprowt for letting me visit and Navispam you!


  1. Haha ... it was lovely to "meet" finally .. I hadn't realised quite how much of a time difference we had! That book looks really cool .. almost makes me wish my kids were smaller so I'd have an excuse to go find it! Green Eggs & Ham was one of my favourites when I was small, and I virtually brain-washed my two with it when they were little too ... even now, if one of them turns their nose up at some food, the quote of "try it, try it, you may see ..." can be heard around the table :P

    I really should have been more prepared (that's right, I " was not prepared" ... :P ) ... my gear was transmogged a while back, but most of it had since been replaced and I never got around to making it pretty again (as pretty as you can make stuff look on someone who's dead ...) ... all I can say is you must have been pretty quick on that "print screen" button!

    I'm planning on putting another chutney recipe on my blog shortly .. this time the much requested bean chutney .. I'll try to make an effort to be less of a slacker, but I just can't help waffling on forever sometimes .. so I sometimes just run out of time!

    1. I am trying to grow french beans this year so I will be interested to see your bean chutney! I was very impressed with your tomato haul though green tomatoes make me think yuck but if you're making a chutney out of it I guess that's ok!

    2. Green tomato chutney is really nice ... I was really surprised to discover that there was actually a use for "unripe" tomatoes .. but there you go! Just as well, as we had virtually none ripen this year, despite the lovely weather ... perhaps I'm just in the wrong part of the country for them to grow well outside.

      The beans we grew were runner beans ... it was only once I saw them growing that I realised what sort they were - it was actually french beans (I think) that I was after really (are those the round "pods"?). They were immensely cost effective tho (not counting the silly amounts of ingredients I've bought to make them into chutney and various meals!).

      Next year I'll try to track down different ones .. I also want peas too .. I love the ones where you can eat the pods too, and if you time it right, you can eat the leaves too (which taste gorgeous in a salad).

  2. So that's where you got your early training as a rhyming queen! So you're the one who got those posts going again!

    1. :P I think I just got so inundated with lists of things that needed to be done, that the blog got put to one side for a bit. There's load's I think about putting on it, but it is just having the time free to do it *sigh*


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