4 new pets from Recruit a friend on PTR - but you can only pick ONE!

I read on Wowhead today that they are releasing the pets that were only available to Asian servers as rewards for Recruit-A-Friend in Patch 5.4.1 on PTR.  I saw the same thing being said on Warcraft Pets as well!

These include (images courtesy of Warcraft Pets):
Golden Pig and Silver Pig

Jade Tiger and Zipao Tiger

It looks like you can only get one per friend you recruit.. and I know what this means.  This means I will probably have to recruit FOUR friends to WoW, which will probably be me making 4 new accounts JUST to get pets!

LOL, well I always thought my sister, dad, mum and daughter always needed their own WoW accounts.. >.> gosh, 3 months of subs for four accounts?  That's going to be an expensive venture indeed for four pets (not that it's anything NEW to me about spending lots of money on pets).

So, anyone out there need a second account? :D


  1. Hmm... if the new RAF token can indeed be used to buy former RAF award mounts such as the Zhevra, I'm definitely going to be getting one somehow, someway. Perhaps we could trade? I RAF another account for you and you RAF another account for me? :P

    1. Done! *shakes on it*
      Now to see if it makes it to live, eh Kam? :D

  2. I've decided my husband clearly needs at least one other account (because I need that purple tiger) but I suspect a lot of people will end up with a lot of accounts at this rate :p

  3. Piggies!!! I've always wanted the piggies so I think I might have to consider getting a second account.

  4. Maybe Zeirah and I can convince you to try some multiboxing.


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