Mataoka and Navimie's Friday Fished-up-Wish Fables : Salandria

We're up to our usual mischief once again! These may not be true 'fables' but all is fair in love and alliteration. Fridays will find our blog filled with the stories behind the coins fished from the fountains, and sewers, of Dalaran. Be careful what you wish for, dear readers!

Tears rolled down Salandria's cheeks as she  waved goodbye to the powerful tauren warrior who grinned at her and blew her a big kiss.  It had been the best week ever!  She had dreamed of leaving the orphanage and seeing the world - she didn't know that the world was so BIG!

Matron Mercy put a gentle hand on her shoulder.  "Come inside, Salandria, and have some dinner.  You've had a busy time!  You must be hungry."

Salandria wiped her eyes with the back of her hand and sniffed loudly.  "Yes, Matron.  I suppose I am a bit hungry."  Fresh Dalaran bread with some slices of Mag'har mild cheese tasted so plain compared to the exotic fare she had sampled on her travels with her Tauren sponsor.  Hch'uu had given her some Marsh Lichen to try when she had visited her - it was a typical Sporeggar dish - and it was the first time Salandria had ever had a mushroom to eat, and it had been delicious!

During dinner she had been bombarded with questions about her travels.  One of the blood elf boys, Valithar, had complained loudly to Matron Mercy.

"Why did the GIRLS get to go this year?  Why did Dornaa and Salandria get to go and we didn't?"  A few of the other boys started to shout their agreement.

Matron Mercy held up her hand for quiet.  "Do you remember what I said?  The children that have worked the hardest at their studies, and demonstrated responsible and mature behaviour over this past year will be the ones selected for the special outing for Children's week.  We were lucky we had patrons who were willing to take everyone out, because we're not lucky like that every year."  She smiled down at Valithar, patiently.  "Study hard, Valithar and it might be YOU next year."

As Salandria lay in bed that night, her eyes gazing at the bunk above her long after the lights had gone out, she recalled what the Bronze Dragon, Zaladormu, had said, when she had visited the Caverns of Time.
WAIT! This girl has done nothing, and will not be held accountable for what she might do, or fail to do, in the future. Go in peace, child.
What was she going to do?  What was she going to become?  The dragons could see the future, and see the past.  Was she going to be powerful?  A hero?  How cool would it be to be the most powerful mage or warlock in the world, maybe even more powerful than Rhonin!  She closed her little fingers around the souvenir of her week of adventures, a toy dragon from the Caverns of Time, and ran her finger along its spines.  She couldn't wait to grow up!

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  1. Aww, Salandria! She's such a darling. I do hope we see some follow-up on her story and Dornaa's story eventually.

    1. I think salandria is a little darker than sweet little dornaa, and I wonder what will happen in the future!

  2. A wonderful story. Like Kam I so wish they'd move their stories along so we'd find out what they do or don't do in the future.

  3. I love this idea! I always loved the coins, such nuggets of lore!

  4. This is fantasic, Navimie, of course - I love how the girls worked hard, and were rewarded: all of our destinies linger in the shadows. Gave me chills, and a big smile!

    1. Thanks Matty! I always love what you write about Dornaa, so I wanted to try my hand at a little bit of it.


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