Mataoka and Navimie's Friday Fished-up-Wish Fables : Ansirem

We're up to our usual mischief once again! These may not be true 'fables' but all is fair in love and alliteration. Fridays will find our blog filled with the stories behind the coins fished from the fountains, and sewers, of Dalaran. Be careful what you wish for, dear readers!

"If you would only just TRY..." Ansirem threw his hands up in despair as he faced his daughter, her hands on her hips and furious frown a testimony to her obstinance.

"I CANNOT do it, I do not have the gifts!  When will you see?" shouted Catelyn.  She picked up a knife from the table and hurled it at a picture on the wall - the nonchalant way she tossed it belied her deadly accuracy as it hit a portrait of her grandmother squarely between the eyes with a solid thunk.

"I know within you it's there.  Our family blood is full of magic, both sides..."

"And I'm sure it's been know to skip a generation," sneered Catelyn, as she paced furiously.  "Father, I am serious.  I will not attend mage school anymore.  It's ridiculous.  The only reason I'm even there is because I'm your daughter and nobody will criticise me because you are the leader...."

Ansirem sighed, his shoulders slumped in defeat.  He sank into a purple cushioned armchair and put his hand to his forehead.  "What do you want then, Catelyn?  Tell me.  You must have some other path you wish to pursue."

His daughter stopped.  Her eyes turned to him, unreadable as she tried to find the words that would forever change her future.

"I want to be a fighter.  I have skills with a blade - many blades!"  She decided to change tack.  She rushed to him, kneeling before him, her eyes beseeching.  "Let me study the sword, and I promise, I will excel, and be the best that I can be! I KNOW this is what I am made for."

Ansirem looked down at his beautiful teenaged daughter, and smiled, his hands smoothing over her red hair.  "Perhaps you can one day be a Dalaran captain of the guard."  He stood up and kissed her forehead.  "Very well, I will see the swordmaster tomorrow."

Catelyn was lost for words.  But her shining eyes said it all.

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Author's note:  Ansirem Runeweaver was the previous leader of Dalaran, and his daughter Catelyn, is a known as Catelyn the Blade, of the Blackwater Raiders. A pirate.  Well, at least Ansirem's wish came true :)


  1. I guess he'd be happy for her cause she did find a place to find in even though I'm sure the Blackwater Raiders isn't what he had in mind!

    1. I wonder of any parent wants their child to be a pirate? We do glorify Pirates to kids. ..

  2. Love it Navi .. You are a master


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