Whose turn is it to sit out of raid today?

The problem with having raiders + spares is that inevitably people have to sit out.  But how do you decide what is a fair system for sitting out?

You can't run a 10 man without spares.  Without spares we can't have days off from raiding when real life intereferes with our raiding schedule.  Now that we have spare tanks and healers, we haven't really missed much raiding because we're missing one or the other.

So in our current raiding roster we have:
Tanks - Raked, Asys (Backups: Sevrus's monk, Lushnek's monk)
Healers - Navimie, Biship, Soultouched (Backups: Lushnek, Moopie's shaman)
Melee DPS - Roshii, Moopie
Ranged DPS - Azadelta, Sevros, Luxypie, Souglyy, Sabrehawk (Backup: Xynzelle)

You can see, looking at that, it's the DPS who have to be sat out for raids, usually.  But how do we make it fair?

When we do DKP, we have been including everyone who attended the raid, even those who sat out.  So for turning up, you get included in a raid so that's one incentive.  Not that I really care about DKP since I'm happy to pass healer loot for those scrub pallies and priests and when leather caster loot drops, me and Lush are pretty easy about sorting loot between ourselves.  Much like Aza and Sev, who have a good agreement between each other regarding lock loot.

I usually take the stance of volunteers to sit out going first, and then deciding on raid buffs.  Sabre, Luxy and Sev are frequently volunteering to sit out, so then we have to figure out how to do buffs after that.

However, though I had been taking account of people who actually SAT out, maybe I should be looking at people who sit out for non-farm bosses.  Sitting out for Jin'rokh is probably not as equal as sitting out for Megaera or Durumu.

Shab had suggested a regular sitting out roster - that way people could plan their days "off" and go do something else.  The reason I didn't like that option is that people might not log on at all - and then we end up short.  Often its not bad if Lush, Moo or I sit out because we will be hanging around online still in case we're needed.  Luxy too, is usually easy to find because she will be online.  Aza usually goes to watch a movie or read a book, Bish goes to sleep, Sev goes to play other games, Sabre logs off, and Roshii and Souglyy are usually online somewhere too (though often Roshii will log off).

Another way to decide is to look at what things people need from a boss.  Everyone knows Roshii wants daggers from Megaera, and some people still need early Tier.

However, this Wednesday, it's a new boss, and it's a relatively easy one.  Primordius (or as Arvash called it, Lootsaurok) is supposed to be easy so we will get to see it for ourselves how easy it is (and try for the achievement).  It is also State of Origin night (East coast rugby league, teams from New South Wales vs the state of Queensland play)- which means Raked will be missing again, and we'll need a tank.  Souglyy said she'd be watching too but she usually turns up to raid anyway.

As I was trying to figure out who was going to raid, I had a cute conversation with Luxy, which I thought was cute!

Navi: Luxy, are you going to watch State of Origin on Wednesday?
Luxy: Umm, I don't even know what sport that is!
Navi: What!  OMG, you're a Queenslander!
Luxy: So, no I won't be watching it.
Navi: Yay that means you can raid!

So I have to make sure Luxy and Moo get a spot for raid tonight.  I wonder who else is going to not turn up?


  1. We are in a similar boat, though we only usually have 1 extra person. We don't have a loot system, so we tend to just take it boss by boss. If someone doesn't need something from Horridon, they swap out for the spare person! If someone else doesn't need something from Troll Council, they swap when we reach them! It's a bit of hassle but we figure it's the best way to keep everyone involved and not miss any chances at potential upgrades. :)

    1. We do tend to sit out for older bosses for those who need loot, so that's not an issue. The issue tends to come from NEW bosses or a new raid. Wow, only 1 extra! That's amazing, we have too much social stuff happening for us to only have one extra :)

  2. LOL! I'm a Victorian! Though I have lived in QLD for 4 years.

    If I watched it I would just pick random players (regardless of team) to cheer or boo play by play. So I could cheer and boo the same player multiple times in a game. This is how I have watched AFL on the rare occasions I happen to be around a television showing it :D

    1. I am not a big fan of sports in general but I will watch it as long as I have my phone to play games or have a book to read :P

  3. Rugby...what's that? Fake football? :P

    JK! Rugby is a sport a bit too rough for this panda!

    But GL on Primordius! 2 tank it! Can 3 heal for safety and burn, make sure noone hits/kill those adds!

    1. Thank goodness we got it thanks to tips from you guys :)

  4. Again I knew I like Lux...someone mentioned something that was on the Superbowl this past January and I just nodded my head...

  5. Volunteers to sit never really works out well because 1) the same people who never volunteer always expect someone else to sit and 2) as you mentioned people who, need nothing on a specific boss will always want to sit.

    Per boss works well (based on loot need), but this should be an officer based decision. You can start to make this easy on yourself by having a loot need list posted somewhere that you can refer to when making the choice of who sits for what.

    If you have an issue with people that don't show consistently, then sometimes the hard choice might be to hold them out of a raid. It may help motivate them.

    1. I will just have to keep a roster of who sat out and see how that goes. We don't really have people who don't show consistently, as everyone seems keen to do new bosses, but our raiding numbers may slowly increase as we filter more people through the earlier bosses.

  6. I agree with Shab on a roster system. We all value family time and I think if we know in advance it helps to plan with doing things and spending time with them.
    Maybe we could make a Facebook Page for the Frosties (because I know I am constantly checking for updates on my iphone when logged off/away from the computer)this way if I was needed a msg could be sent through and responded too pretty quickly.
    I don't know if people are farming bosses as I think all our guys are genuine. Personally I find it easier to offer to sit out rather than discuss for 15 minutes who is going to go.

    Sabre-my 10 cents worth

    1. Ugh I'm not on Facebook! However maybe I can set up some kind of notification system but that might require me to know all of your contact details...


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