Story time: A pet Eulogy for Mataoka

A story inspired by my friend Mataoka, it somehow deviated from the creation of a eulogy into something a little more off topic.  Not quite what I wanted to write, but at least now I've gotten the idea out of my head that's been floating in there!


Rasfari's steady hand belied the inner turmoil he felt as his blue fingers splayed through the warm pelt of his wolf.  The living flesh beneath his touch trembled in pain as Rasfari's three fingered hand moved towards Skoll's shoulder, the great beast's fur matted together with congealed blood, a feathered shaft quivering with each breath the wolf took.  Burns seared the wolf's flanks, a great rend in the belly added to the agony that the wolf was feeling.  Rasfari's mind touched his wolf's, and he shared the pain.  The agony was paralysing and Rasfari gasped, almost letting go of the link, but he held on.  His hunter skills at mending his pet were not enough.  Skoll was dying, and the only way to help his companion was to ease the burden of his pain by shouldering a part of it.

They had been travelling alone, not in a hunting party, which was dangerous in the Barrens these days.  Garrosh's Kor'kron forces had taken over a great many resources in the Barrens, and Vol'jin had tasked Rasfari with retrieval of supplies for the war effort.  However, he wasn't the only one.  There were many here in the Barrens all on Vol'jin's orders, but the smart ones hunted in groups.  Alliance raiding parties were uncommon but if you ran across one they could be vicious in attacks of retribution against his horde brethren - especially those who were vulnerable.  This time of day was quiet and usually free from Alliance raiders, and Rasfari thought it best if he went alone - he preferred to hunt with familar faces, and Skoll was always wary of strangers.  Rasfari had inadvertantly caught the attention of not one or two, but FOUR mounted Kor'kron patrols, and Rasfari had barely made it out alive.  Skoll however.... Rasfari felt the heavy hand of guilt weigh heavily on his heart as he tried to comfort his friend.

Those damned orc warlocks and hunters had left both physical and magical wounds upon the beast.  The burning fel magic continued to burn Skoll from within and Rasfari was unable to dispel it. His healing could not keep up with the damage and pain.  As the great wolf's eyes began to close, images flashed before Rasfari.

... Twilight cultists closing in, three dead but two still casting shadowbolts at him as the troll tried to flee.  A dark blue bolt hurtled from his master's side to tackle the cultist, turning their fire from his dying master onto himself, allowing Rasfari three shots that finished off the cultists....

... Mantid swarming him towards him, as Skoll darted amongst their legs with teeth bared, allowing Rasfari to pick them off one by one with sniper shots to the head ...

... the first bonding of wolf and troll, as the wolf fought the entry of Rasfari into his mind, teeth biting half heartedly into a mail clad thigh as Rasfari's will pressed down upon Skoll.   Rasfari nearly falling to his knees from mental exhaustion as the bond was complete and the wolf licked the troll's bleeding wounds in submission...

... running through the fertile fields of the Valley of the Four Winds, Skoll's countenance like a playful puppy as he pretended to stalk his master, before leaping at him in a great ball of blue fur and they tumbled through the grass, Rasfari laughing as he wrestled the wolf under the warm summer sun....

Skoll had lapsed into unconsciousness, the yelps of pain replaced by laboured whimpering breaths.  Rasfari bowed his head, blinking the sting from his eyes, as he began to mentally prepare himself for the ritual of revive pet.  Reviving a pet was difficult and though it returned life to the animal, sometimes, the personality of the animal was different, the temperament changed when the beast was recalled from the realm of death.  Rasfari wondered if the loyalty would be the same, or whether the great snow wolf he had grown to love like a brother would be the same one who had saved his life countless times and had loved and obeyed his battle hardened master in return.

I thought it was I who tamed you, but through your eyes I have felt what it is like to be a wolf, a brother, a pack mate.  The hunt will never be the same without you by my side.  If I am unable to return you to the living, I hope your prey will be plenty and your hunts gloried and successful and when I am with Bwonsamdi perhaps we will meet again.

The icy hand of fear gripped his heart as he felt the wolf weakening.  He wasn't ready for the loss - not now. If Skoll died while he was linked it could do great damage to him mentally, but he could not bear to let the beast die alone when it was HE with his carelessness that had caused this calamity.

Suddenly, Rasfari caught the scent of a draenei and immediately his thoughts slammed back to the present, and he whirled, gun cocked, eyes narrowed at the cowled priest that stood by a nearby tree.  She held her arms up, unarmed, her hands free from the telltale glow of casting which stayed his trigger finger.  She took a hesitant step towards him and Rasfari snarled "Stop!" in the troll common tongue.

Zeptepi stopped, her heart pounding in fear at the hostility in the Troll's tone.  A moment ago, with his head bowed and grieving over his dying pet, her heart had ached for him, and she thought to offer her assistance, but now, with the fire of grief and bloodlust in his eyes she thought perhaps she should back away, and leave him in peace, lest he open fire and her and slaughter her where she stood.

"Let me help you," she said slowly, in Draenei, gesturing towards the dying wolf.  "I am a healer."

Rasfari frowned as the draenei spoke to him in words he could not understand, gesturing towards Skoll.  She appeared to be offering help, but he was wary of strangers, let alone an alliance stranger.  He was at a crossroads - accept help from his enemy to save Skoll, or let the beast die an honourable death - or would he risk losing his friend for the sake of stubborn pride?  He had to think quickly.

Zeptepi was surprised when the troll lowered his weapon and jerked his chin towards the wolf.  He knelt beside the wolf, one hand on the wounded animal, the other still against the trigger of his gun.  Zeptepi needed no other prompting.  Who knew when more horde would show up and crumble her resolve?  At least this kindness she could do.  She hurried over and lay her pale hands on the wolf.  She began to glow with holy healing power, and she cast a concurrent spell, dispelling the dark fel magics that ate away at the wolf's life forces.  She ignored the frightening glare in her enemy's eyes as she wove her heals.

Healing a beast was a lot easier than healing a humanoid., thought Zeptepi as she worked.  Or perhaps, the will of this beast was strong, clinging stubbornly to life. 

Rasfari merged his mind with Skoll's - not only to keep an eye on what the priest was doing, but also to calm the beast when he awoke after the healing.  The priest had dulled Skoll's pain with a pain suppression spell, and the beast was in a lot more comfort, the breathing more regular and even.  The draenei made a pulling motion with her hand and gestured towards the arrow.  Rasfari let go of his gun with reluctance and grasping the shaft of the arrow close to the skin, he pulled it out in a spray of hot crimson blood, and the draenei immediately worked to stem the flow of from the mortal wound.

Zeptepi lowered her hands and let the holy power drift from her and she stood up, taking a hesitant step back as the wolf opened a baleful eye and a deep growl rumbled in his chest, his long fangs bared.  Her work was done - best not to push her luck.  She gracefully inclined her head as she summoned her Gryphon and flew away from the pair, her heart brimming with joy at another life saved.

Rasfari resisted the temptation to take a parting shot at the priest - old habits die hard - but it would be a great dishonour to shoot someone in the back especially if that person had just saved the life of his friend.  Skoll took his hand in his mouth and pretended to bite it playfully, and relief washed over Rasfari, glad to once again have his best friend by his side.


Notes: I know that alliance can't heal horde so this story doesn't quite follow the game, and yes these are based on real characters - I'm not very original with names :)


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    1. Ditto what Matty said! Lovely story, Navi!

      ~ Effy

    2. Thank you Matty and Effy!

  2. I often wish, while on one priest or another, that I could help someone who is about to die, even if they are of the opposite faction. Though I'm sure in Delgada's case it would hurt her just as much to even throw a renew. Holy spells sting.

    1. I imagine that must be weird for an undead priest wielding holy spells! I wish that too sometimes - if only we could have ONE day a year we could interact positively with the other faction :)

  3. this was so lovely!

  4. I didn't want to read it at first because of the eulogy thing, now I'm so happy I did! Thank you for the happy ending!

    1. I couldn't think of a title for the story! I liked Matty's title - she called it Hunter's heart.

  5. I'm with the others that didn't want to read a eulogy. I'm so glad I allowed myself to read and thus reach satisfaction.


    1. Oh BTW, Nice Banner update! Very cute.

    2. Thanks Kall! Banner by Ancient - she is just too brilliant for words!

  6. Yay! I'm so glad there was a happy ending!!


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