Challenge Mode Noobs: New bronzes in Scarlet Halls and Brewery

Now that we've done them all, it's time to go back and improve on our times.  With a better idea of how to do things, we were able to make it just a little bit more efficient.

Scarlet Halls

OK this time we tried to throw the dog food and had better success.  And we had our invis pots ready to go for the cannon part, so that bit was a lot better.  I still died though, so that was a bit stupid... silly me!  We also wiped on the adds just before the Flame Weaver Koegler, but that's because we didn't drag the things out of the big red bubble (which reduces their damage taken by a lot).  Aza came with us and he was great to have - health stones yay!

Improvements for next time: NO DYING!

Stormstout Brewery

Arv hadn't done this one, so we did it for him - and we didn't medal last time, so we were determined to scrape in one!  At least this time I didn't get locked out of the first boss room.  Luxy has Ut on her friends list.  Ut was a competitor in the Rojak transmog competition on Dath'remar (rogue wearing druid Tier 11 shoulders in blue).  He brought his paladin, Makemebad, to round our group up.  We died a LOT less to Hoptallus this time, but we still died to the last boss LOL - just stupid things really!  But we scraped in a bronze - just!  Which was a huge relief.  It makes me wonder - is it always going to be that bubble boss with the jumping and the suds?  So far it seems to always be that one.

Improvements for next time: NO DYING! (Hahaha! Once we stop dying, we can work on our finesse!)

2 more to go!  Gosh, I don't know when we will be able to fit our next lot of challenges in... Arv might get burnout (Shadow Rising has started doing them as a guild as well with a heavyset mind!)


  1. Hopefully we are all free for some CM's this week!

    1. I was feeling hopeful but I have saturday plans...

  2. Lol, you know I enjoy running these with you all and I'm gonna keep on doing it. You guys were the ones who really got me started in doing them again. Whether we all get bronze, silver or gold (woot!), I'm in it for the long (quick, if we're talking about CM time, lol) run. =)

    1. Well now you're pro you will have to tell us all the tips!

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