Monday raiding - Getting Throne around by Shadow Nova (heh)

I hate raiding when I'm on call.  I get interrupted by phone calls and then suddenly get called into work in the middle of a boss fight...

Last night I was going to sit out for raid, but Lush offered me his spot since his parents were visiting him.  I happily took it but I was playing like a complete ninny. Our healing was a little off for the lightning phase so a few of us died in the second lightning, and then on the next attempt, I was running my ass to save Raked and didn't realise an orb was on me and I dropped the damn thing next to the boss, and then when I got an orb again, I kited it right into my other orb rift. Boom!  Raid dead.  A chorus of "NAVI!" made me realise I did an oopsies.

Giant exclamation mark - I was trying to click it wondering how do I get it?  Oh right, you just walk  under it and you get it.  We had some lucky punts from those flayers - I was punted onto the edge, and Raked was punted back and landed on a spike.
The weekly quest was up - I saw it mentioned on Arv's blog earlier - and I had to go because work said I might have to go in.  I swapped with Lushnek and I typed I was leaving but nobody read that.  I don't know why I just didn't say it in vent, because I saw all sorts of stupid stuff in vent.  I was bummed that I didn't get a picture of Monara - she's a rare! - so Fue said he would get one for me, YAY!  I asked Lushnek to get me one but he didn't make it there before they pulled and everyone got shadow nova'd off...  obviously nobody was reading what I wrote in officer chat about kiting her back.  They took her back to Jin'rokh's room, I think, but Lush said that to the steps would be enough.  After that the shadow nova wasn't too bad.  And she dropped what Moo said she would drop... Jack and Sh*t.  It was a bag but there was no rep and just gold inside.  Damn.
I take it back.  Fue does take pics for  me.
Raked got a drop from trash (belt) and a ring, Bish got a nice shiny healing cloak, Fue got a chest on a roll.  Yay, upgrades for everyone!

Anyway, they said there was some solid progress on Horridon - adds more controlled.  That's encouraging.  This week should be a good week!  I hope I can have a few Horridon goes, want to see how I hold up with mana and all those dispels.  Though in the next raid week, I can see Fue telling us not to do that old raid stuff, and just focus on the new raid.  People have gotten upgrades during the week, and practice is what we need.


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