Sunday raiding - Epic trash is Epic suck

It took us 40 minutes to clear trash leading up to Horridon!  That sucked up a lot of our 2 hour raid time :(

The paladins were showing their awesomeness at getting punted, and the pulls didn't go quite as they should with 2 ghosts coming frequently which was annoying as hell!  But we finally got to Horridon and we managed to get to the third door once (with half the raid dead though).  Those dispels are damned annoying though.  Aza's pet did a lot of dispelling which was great, but that still left Roshii dying to the dot a lot.  I actually noticed that it was the melee dying to the dot the most - the sunfires are random, I hear, but the melee get it more than anyone else.  Roshii complained that we didn't dispel him enough but even the attempt that we did focus him he still died.  I think it's just the rogues fate to die to dots...

The poison the second door was horrible to dispel - seeing everyone in the raid debuffed was a bit depressing!

Soultouched joined us for the raid which was a trial, and he is still undergeared so Fue offered to run something on Tuesday.  Though, when I think about it now, I am PRETTY sure that raid resets on Wednesday so it looks like we won't be running anything on Tuesday, as Soul did MSV cross server with Concur so see how that goes!

Still thinking about that second raid team.  Where could I find a few tanks for that?  I have one in mind, and a few healers too, but finding the rest could be a bit difficult... see what I can come up with.

Thank goodness it's Terrace on Monday.  I could use a bit of a sea change :)


  1. Lol I think so navi, that debug picked on me! must be tricky for you guys, lucky it's terrace today - Roshi

  2. Just so you know if we get a second team going.......I dont want to tank :P


    1. I don't think you'll be tanking Falln unless it's an emergency fill in!

  3. I am shocked that you took such a scrub Paladin! *rasp*

    On the plus side, at least we have saved you all from Mogu'shan Vaults? :)

    1. :D He wasn't so bad. He died lots though, damn squishy plate.

      And who knows, maybe by next week we can have some competing :)


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