Blog Azeroth Shared Topic - What raid-drop pets would you like to see?

Effraeti asked us this question this week in Blog Azeroth:
If a future patch adds more raid-dropped pets like those introduced in 5.1, what pets would you like to see? What raid and boss would they be available from?
A shared topic about pets... how could I NOT join in on this one??

I love things with a unique model.  There are a billion spiders, snakes, whelps and frogs that to see any more pets like that makes me feel a bit disillusioned.  So I had to think about some of the raid bosses with a unique model that I thought would be great if you could have a raid pet.


Now I have said this before, and I have been yelled at because you really can't have gods as pets, but a Naaru pet would be bloody awesome.  I can only think of one raid boss Naaru and that's M'uru from Sunwell Plateau (who turns into Entropius) but maybe it could be a fragment of the good that remained.  A pet Christmas decoration, how cuuuuuute!

More Demon lookalike pets

We already have an Eye of Kilrogg (Arcane Eye, Eye of Legion), Infernal (Minfernal), Imp (Gregarious Grell, Corefire Imp), Observer (Willy).  However, we don't have a Shivarra or a Succubus, and I think those would be a great (and sexy) pet.  I think a good place for these sorts of drops would be Black Temple.  Mother Shahraz is a Shivarra and she could drop a Shivarra, and maybe even a Succubus too.  Kil'jaeden, the ultimate big bad demon and who looks bloody awesome as a raid boss, perhaps he can drop a Demon pet - maybe a Wrathguard, Terrorguard or an Abyssal would be awesome!  Oooh, I know, an Abyssal could drop from Rhyolith in Firelands!  That would be perfect!  You get to keep one of the bits of living demon rock as a pet.


I think a Gargoyle pet would be really great too - why should Death Knights have all the fun?  It would need to drop from a Death Knight Boss - I'm thinking Deathbringer Saurfang, or anybody in the Death Knight Quarter in Naxxrammas.


There are a few hydras in the game as NPCs, but there is one raid boss who is a hydra - Chimaeron, in Blackwing Descent. More multiheaded monster pets please! Doesn't it look damn awesome??

Lava worms

A typical Lava worm is Magmaw in Blackwing Descent, but these same worms are seen leading up to Ragnaros in Firelands.  I think Magmaw would be a good one to get a little Lava worm from.


In truth, we don't need any more cat pets.  I hear people want more dogs.  But the Crazy Cat Lady surely should, if anything, drop a cat.

And that's just my thoughts on raid bosses.  Don't get me started on what capturable pets I'd like to see out in Azeroth... that list is even longer.


  1. LOL I almost forgot about the Na'aru pet thing! :D But I am sure there is same way around that to make a pet - heck, there are Diablo and Tyrael pets!

    Now I am going to have to think about my own Shared Topic harder... you took a lot of the possibilities. ;)

    ~ Effy

    1. I read everyone else's and think WOW that are so many pet ideas out there!

  2. Demon hunter from Illidan or Leotheras. Tainted Elemental from Vashj. Void Walker from Solarian. Naga from one of the naga bosses. Mini Reliquary. Mini Brutallus. Animus from Vezax. Kobold from Icehowl. Mini Rotface or Festergut.

  3. A gargoyle! I want one along with an army of ghouls! or maybe just one ghoul. There are just so many really different bosses and models and they would all make awesome pets.

    1. I know! How would it be possible to have them all? Where would it end LOL?

  4. I want naga ... remember the naga hatchlings from the Lost Isles (Goblin starting zone)? The model is already there! Blizzard, make it happen!

  5. Oh! A Gargoyle would be great and repgrind's right one of those little baby nagas would be so cute ... and of course more dogs, lol.

  6. Mini curator from Kara. -Rosh

  7. Ohh, I'd love to get a Naaru pet. The blood elves got away with holding one captive for power; players could totally get away with keeping one for pet battles!

    ...Alright, maybe not, but we do have Naaru-shaped lamps already. Perhaps the pet could be an effigy? A Naaru shape carved from, say, bits of the Exodar, and enchanted to move and glow like the real deal? A'dal could sell them in Shattrath as souvenirs... I bet it would save Shattrath's tourist industry in one swoop!

    1. See, Nyxrinne you have good taste in pets! Another Naaru pet person!

  8. More demonic pets! A warlock cant have to many demons!!
    - Aza


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