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Pilgrim's bounty was a time of sharing and eating, and Navimie remembered the event well from her childhood.  When she was young, she watched her mother making the traditional tauren dish of candied sweet potatoes, and as a youngling she loved adding the honey to the pot.  It had been many years now since her parents had moved to the spirit realm to walk with the Earthmother, but she remembered her youthful days with fondness.

Giving thanks during the bounty was a relatively new concept for Navimie, but she had started her own tradition.  It was a human tradition, but Navimie had adopted it because she liked the idea of being thankful at a time of sharing with others.  Each year, she wrote her thanks for each person on a sheaf of parchment and she burned those in the cooking fire as she made her candied sweet potatoes, the idea being that infusing the food with her thanks would share the goodwill as she shared her food with her friends and fellow Horde mates.  This year her list was extensive and she hoped that the food wouldn't burn as she performed her ritual.

She set the pot to simmer after adding the honey, and she knelt before the cooking fire, taking each sheaf from her thick pile and adding it to the fire.

"I thank Tome of the Ancient for her unwavering friendship and support."
"Thanks to Jasyla for teaching me many things about druid healing, and from whom I still learn."
"To Cymre, whose wisdom in Pet battling has improved my own, I thank you."
"Mataoka, for your shoulder, ear and advice in times of need, I thank you."
"Big Bear Butt and Effraeti, I thank you for your courage and for speaking for me in my time of need."
"Thank you, Arvash, for reminding me of the true meaning of generosity."
"Dragonray, thank you for knowing exactly what I want."
"Thunderspank, I thank you for reminding me of my manners."
"Stubborn, Ironyca, Genowen, Typhoon Andrew and Sal, crusaders against oppression of the weak, I salute you."
"Thanks to JD for knowing exactly what to say to make me smile or burst into fits of laughter."
"Moogyver and Hasteur, thank you for opening my ears to a new world."
"Thanks to Ambermist, for being forever an inspiration to others."
"Kamalia and Akabeko, my tauren sisters, I thank you for wisdom, wardrobe advice and hilarious pictures."
"To my guild clan members, I thank you all for your friendship and for being my family.  For each of you I have special thanks, in a few words:
Lushnek - for your persevering friendship
Sevros - for your non-defeatist attitude
Roshii - for your dragon killing dedication
Souglyy - for your willingness to listen
Fueghan - for your strong leadership
Azadelta - for your boundless enthusiasm
Moopie - for your shoulder
Mctacky - for the indomitable excitement
Shabadu - for your challenger spirit
Faithless - for your gentle attitude
Ayelena - for being a gentleman
Fallnapart - for your inner peace
Bladewind - for listening while working
Tout - for your goofy antics
Voe - for your dedication to the healing arts
Hyad - for your partnership
Mabaho - for a long time friendship
Without you all, I would be be poorer in spirit, in humour and in company."

Navimie watched the last sheaf burn, thinking that if she had many more people to thank, her dish might start getting burned!  She stood to stir her candied potatoes, testing the flavour.  Perfect.  She took the pot to the serving dish, ready to share her meal at the Pilgrim's tables outside Orgrimmar.  She wondered who she would be sitting beside this year at the festival, and hoped that the Pumpkin Pie was as good this year as it was last year.


  1. Aw ... that is so nice of you! And I'm thankful I found you out in the big WoW blogoverse!

  2. Love you Navi: you are the gift!

    1. Aww Matty your friendship is the great gift! It was thanks to Ancient we became friends :)

  3. Such a lovely post... thank you for being you, Navi <3

  4. What a great tradition and I'm glad the food didn't get burnt. Thanks for including me in that ever-expanding group.

  5. Aw, that's lovely! I'm very grateful for all of my WoW friends and bloggers--and grateful for you and Navispam for reminding me that there are really cool people out there. :-D

  6. You are awesome Navi! Thank YOU for letting me be a little part of your WoW experience and for all the fun times in Raids, PvP, achievees and everything else. =)

  7. /blush Thank you for being one of my Tauren sisters, too! <3

  8. Yeah another great dish of kindness and generosity for one another. Lady Navimie you are a treasure to us all.

    1. Draccus you are the epitome of politeness and friendliness in the blogosphere ;)

  9. Hi Navimie!!! Thank you again for joining in this year Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving event as always I appreciate that. Im always honored to be hosting this every year. Your a great blogger and I always enjoy your posts and that I know I have not been very active but I still read your guys blog and still actively moderating at BA. Like everyone was saying thank you being you. and Keep up the good work. take care hon and Happy Thanksgiving to you and the whole family. <3

    1. And thank you for hosting this wonderful event again Amerence :) I hope you do more blogging :)

  10. OMG this is the best idea! I want to adopt Navi's idea too...maybe when I'm cooking up all my new pandaren recipes :D


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