Shared Topic: The Rules of Me

This week's Blog Azeroth Shared Topic is brought to us by Mataoka of Sugar and Blood:
What are your personal rules you wish others would know about you?

My personal rules are quite simple, and quite similar to a lot of other people's rules.  You know, the general sorts of rules:
  • Don't be a dick, and I won't be a passive-aggressive bitch
  • No name calling and aggressive slander in public chats (guild, trade, raid, BG)
  • Get OFF the F*^%ing quest turn ins.. PLEASE??
However, the PERSONAL rules are the ones I think Mataoka is interested in, and I have a couple of quirky things that I wish people would know so I wouldn't have to tell them:
  • Don't kill that rare that I'm trying to take a picture of.  I know you can't tell that I'm trying to compose the perfect shot, and even if I told you not to engage it whilst I was screenshotting it, it probably wouldn't stop you because you want that blue drop, or some other treasure it drops, but I wish people wouldn't just run in and grab a mob - you can see I'm not engaging it!  I always gesture at something to the opposite faction, you could do the same!  Or if you're the same faction, just ask me.
  •  If I'm raid healing and you die, you don't need to tell me you are dead.  I can see that.  And don't ask me for a Brez.  We have ONE and if we deem you worthy, you will get it.
  • I don't roll on caster gear that has hit on it.  But just because it doesn't have spirit on it, does not mean it's yours, caster-friend.  So don't yell at me about rolling on gear, I am intelligent enough to figure out fairly, what is good for me and what is not.  And I roll need on offspecs, yes, because anyone who is a mainspec I will happily hand it over - I am merely saving it from a DE.
  • Don't whinge at me for ignoring you, because I don't ignore anyone on purpose unless I put you on /ignore.  Most of the time, I haven't seen your tell, or worse, I've seen it and replied it but accidentally mistelled it to someone else.  So don't emo at me!
  • I was reminded of a silly rule that I had back in Burning Crusade, whereas the Mongoose enchant would NEVER drop from Moroes.  Every week, no drop.  For months.  It was probably almost a year before I got the enchant, but Mongoose became a dirty word in guild chat.  As a silly Navi thing, I would have a tantrum everytime someone said the word Mongoose, and if someone even said that word in guild chat, they would get a /gkick.  It was all in good fun, and I think it started because people started "taunting" me with their enchants and linking it and I had a gkick fest and of course they were all reninvited and their ranks reinstated.  Obviously I don't do that anymore since I have the enchant, and I worry about people losing guild rep for being removed from the guild...
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  1. ... Mongoose ...

    TotA Can't /gkick me, damn iPad, who knows what this will say.

    1. LOL I have calmed down now! I actually have the enchant now :D

  2. Herpestidae! :D

    It's been a lot of fun reading responses to this week's topic-- there are a lot of 'don't be a jerk' entries, but the fun ones are the dodgeballs and the weasels! ;) hehehe

    1. Navi, you know I am so public about my hot buttons, I now fear no one will speak to me for fear of a nuclear explosion. You're probably like me, though, and I wish folks would know this about me: once the storm has passed (my magic elixir is in writing), I move on. But yes, keep taunting me -- skaboom! Thank you so much for this post, and now off to BA to look at all the links!

    2. LOL, I can't figure out why the scientific name for Mongoose has HERPES in it? I mean I know herpetology is the study of reptiles... LOL I can think of all sorts of non-complimentary things to say about why herpes and mongoose go together :P

      LOL Matty, I think you're right - I was almost afraid to talk to you when I think about your hot buttons but I know you - you're like a freak storm that blows in and blows out and then the weather is all sunny again.

  3. " If I'm raid healing and you die, you don't need to tell me you are dead. I can see that. And don't ask me for a Brez. We have ONE and if we deem you worthy, you will get it."

    Truer words were never spoken!

    1. LOL hear hear Faye :) We healers understand :)

  4. "Get OFF the F*^%ing quest turn ins.. PLEASE??"

    Hear, hear!

    1. I'm about to go comment on your MASSIVE LIST of rules...

  5. Our guildmistress has a thing about the word, well infer the original from our substitutes. The preferred one is "Budgie". The Raid Leader must call for Budgie-lust, which is wrong on all manner of levels.

    Ring of Budgies. Budgie-Queen Lana'thiel. Budgie-myst Isle. And, of course, Budgie Death Knights.

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