Caught being Good - Inspirational Players around World of Warcraft

Ambermist asked this of us in her September Challenge:

Tell me about someone (or a few someones) you’ve Caught Being Good in the game of your choice. What was it that stood out to you about how they acted? Did it influence the way you treated other players?
There are so many great things that have happened to me in this game, things that changed the way I behaved, or made me look at things in a more positive way.  Here are snippets of a few:
  • Thunderspank is a true gentleman, every time I play with him.  I have partied with him in multiple battlegrounds, and EVERY time he has greeted everyone with a friendly "Hi everyone!" upon entering the battlefield.  He has outlined what he is doing for the benefit of the group, and he doesn't get dragged into trolling or arguments with trolls when people are acting like douchebags.  Upon conclusion of every game he thanks everyone for the game.  Because of him, I try to emulate his good manners when I join a BG, and I probably remember about 80% of the time.
  • Arvash gave a butt-ton of trading card gifts when we met, and his generosity inspired me to be more generous to everyone around me.  I have a ways to go, but I'm getting there!
  • Dragonray has been doing little things for me, things that she KNOWS I like, such as bringing Rades to see me because I was too chicken to talk to him, and doing an ICC 25 man heroic run.  I want to be able to have the the insight and generosity of spirit that she has!
  • When I first became friends with Mataoka, she encouraged me to talk about myself and was so accepting of all my faults and insecurities, that I could tell her anything.  She was non judgemental, and when she offered advice it was unbiased and fair, and the honesty was refreshing.  And I think that is the best way to be - not cloy or say things that people want to hear, but the truth that people NEED to hear.  I try to emulate that, because of her.
  • When I got my Fiery Warhorse from Karazhan, Roshii was upset because he'd been trying so long to get it, he wanted it so badly, and he wishes that he had seen it or could have won it (I was alone in Karazhan doing it).  He said he could never bear to party with anyone farming for that because he could not bear the thought of not winning it or having to lose it to someone.  After he fell in love with Souglyy, he went farming with her for the mount, and he told me that he would happily give it to her, that he couldn't believe how much of a change she had wrought in him.  I remember that, because it reminded me how love can change someone to give something, a thing that he has coveted for so long, to someone else, just to see her be happy.  Seeing that reminded me what love really means.
  • Big Bear Butt has defended me, complimented me, and helped me make Ancient's day month year!  I want to be like him if I ever am as reknowned as that :)
  • Zwingli has been so amazingly enthusiastic, energetic and gregarious in our friendship, he almost seems to be like a child in his effervescence.  When he told me a little about himself, I was surprised he was like that - I expected that due to his RL he would be much more reserved.  But his bubbliness is contagious and I want to be all wide-eyed, innocent and be nice to everyone, like he is, with never a bad word to say about anybody.
  • And I will never forget Ieatgnome, the mage who saved me, a stranger, in Tol Barad Peninsula when I AFK'd on the road and was being decimated by one of the pats on the road.  He nearly died in the process.  That random act of kindness from someone I didn't know, and him waiting around next to my AFK'd toon and bandaging me trying to heal me was really sweet, and I now always try to help strangers in trouble when I see them around me.
I am sure there are many other fine behaviours out there I have neglected to mention.  But these are a few.  Thank you to all those good people who have made my life richer, and influenced my behaviour, and thank you Ambermist for the opportunity to showcase them :)


  1. Navi, the honor is mine to have you for a friend. Grateful for you every day.

  2. Thank you Navi. That is high praise indeed. Of course it does mean that now I have to be extra careful not to lose my temper with you around... :D

    You're one of the friendliest people I know. Its always fun to do stuff with you!

    1. Lol everyone is human! It wouldn't change what I think... much /grin

  3. Aww Navi, you are the person I wanted to be like so my spirit is yours already my love :)

    YOu did make me blush though, so thank you for mentioning me, I am honoured to be named amongst so many fantastic people.

    1. LOL well then, so how does it feel to be one of the fantastic people? :D

  4. Thanks Navi, you are pretty awesome yourself! =) I like to enjoy the game with others that share the same excitement as I do and I think you've been generous enough helping me get a lot of those achievees that I otherwise would not have been able to get.

    1. For some reason I was rude and didn't even see this comment or reply to it... the feeling is mutual /warm fuzzies

  5. Awwww, this post is so full of warm fuzzies! It's good, too, because it's chilly today. :-P



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