Navimie Whooshes over to go see some Tree Heals

Dear Tzufit. She is brilliant, and I admire her so much!  It always amazes me that every post she writes is so thoughtful, relevant and eloquent.  I've decided that it's because she's in the legal business and thus HAS to be somewhat polished.  Don't believe me?  Go check out her blog, Tree Heals go Whoosh and tell me what you think!

I went over to her server, and she was online!  In my excitement, I sent her a tell and got back a DBM reply of her fighting Warmaster Blackhorn.  Crap!  OMG I just did what I don't like doing, which was disturbing someone in raid.  Way to go, Navi, why don't you LOOK to see what she's doing before you go around sending tells!

I asked someone in the guild what time they finish raiding because I have no idea what time it is over there.  They didn't know.  I couldn't send her an in game mail because I had no money so off I did to start doing some starter quests for a bit of copper.  I got enough for a game mail and sent it off, telling her I want her brain.  That should grab her attention, I figured.

Then I was chatting away on realID to Arvash and Shoryl when she replied me!  She still had an hour to go of raiding, and she recognised me straight away (well, we druids do know each other after all, and it helps when I call my toon Navimie) because she got my ingame mail.  I said I'd just hang around until she finished.  But it turned out they ended their raid a bit early and she came over to spend some time with me, woot!

So off we went looking for some water, because Tzu loves water.
*pant pant* wow these night elves can run, I need to exercise more
Funnily enough, she looks just like her pictures! LOL!  The beautiful pale skin and mogged into T5 shoulders she was gorgeous.

This shot was an accident but I found it hilariously funny because it echoes my feelings on tree form, and in particular, the Jay Leno Tree form.  Look at Navimie and her dejected pose.  I swear it has /sigh written all over it LOL!

We went for a dive to take an underwater shot, just for something different...

And being an RP server, I HAD to go stop and look at Goldshire Inn.  But it's quiet there compared to Moon Guard!  So just because it's Goldshire Inn, I asked Tzufit to lie down on the bed with me.  Hahaha!  And while we were there, some people turned up and were having some kind of personal conversation and we had a little giggle over that.

I liked this shot.  Both of us kneel down when sitting, which made this scene in front of the fire look that much more cosy.  We chatted about druids, blogging, and bear tanking - it was a lovely chat, and it was great to meet her in person.  I echoed what I'd said with Godmother about how odd it is that meeting in the game is what I refer to as meeting in person when it's just pixels and she said that it was really fantastic to see someone's avatar in game.  Tzufit was as thrilled to see me as I was to see her :)

Here you are Tzufit!   Your Navispam sticker!  Can I haz your brainz nao?


  1. There is something terrifyingly "Jay Leno" about new tree form, especially from the angle my head is tilted in that picture. GIANT CHIN.

    Thank you SO MUCH again for visiting me! I had a great time.

    1. I had a great time too! TY for letting me :) But I didn't manage to steal your brain.

  2. So... I've heard of you several times before, and seen your name crop up on occasion on twitter and such, but I never actually followed you before. I had seen people talk about "Navispam" and such, but sometimes blogs come up on my reader and I don't always feel the need to read through them all (because let's be honest, i follow LOTS of blogs, and some of them are some WORDY mofos hah). But the idea of being Navispammed is pretty damn awesome, now that I understand what it is exactly.

    Also, Tzufit mentioning Jay Leno in regards to the tree form almost made me fall off of my chair in laughter. Oh my god bahahahah.

    Sorry, I had to delete my other comment because it was showing up as "unknown". I don't know what's up with that, but there, reposted so you KNOW who this is haha.

    1. It is so kind of you to come visit my little blog Achloryn :) And thank you, I like my Navispamming project :) It's a good thing to do at the end of Cataclysm when things are winding down.

  3. Tzufit is brilliant, I love her writing although I never comment as generally she speaks of things I don't know much about since I'm only an expert at faffing, lol!

    1. LOL You're an expert at all sorts of things!

  4. Woot!

    And that fire pic is lovely. You two look very cozy!

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