Faye the Dancing Tree - Another navispam post

Faye of the Dancing Tree has a lovely blog, and since she plays on an RP server, she has lovely personalities for each of her alts.  She has visited my blog many times and I thought it would be great to meet her, and visit her.  So after researching her blog, I figured out where she was, and I headed over late one night to see if she was there.

I did a /who of her guild and one person was online.  And that person had Fay in their name, so I went to her blog and pulled up her page of alts, whilst I quickly sent my usual tell:
"Hi there, I was wondering if I could ask you a question about one of your guildies?"
"Sure :)" she replied.
Then as I scrolled down her alts page, I realised this was HER!
"Wait.... Faye?" I asked.
"Just so you know," she said, "I'm kinda going OMG OMG OMG right now"
"LMAO!" I replied.  
"HI! OMG!" I was really pleased she was happy to see me.
"So does this mean I don't have to say My name is Navimie and I read your blog and I was wondering if I could take a pic with you?"
"WHY ARE YOU VISITING ME??? omg" she replied.  LOL silly Faye, I'm visiting you because you visit me and I want to meet you!

Once she got over the initial squeeee and got me all excited too she summoned me to Storm peaks and we sat around and chatted.

I asked her about her last post, and her DK friend and she explained to me her RP life with her "partner".  It took me a bit to get the hang of what she was saying but once I did, I understood.  I haven't had much experience talking to RP people and how they play, but Faye made me understand.  It was truly living in a fantasy world, acting as you were, and I could see the appeal of it, especially if you were immersed in it for the time you were playing.  It was very different to my usual view of World of Warcraft, as well as what other people see as RP (which is usually the ERP stuff).  I liked it and I'm glad Faye decided to share that part with me.

She talked about how inspiring the whole of Azeroth was, providing lots of fodder for stories, and she told me about all the stories she had in the pipeline.  She even gave me a Hawk Owl! I was admiring her Fox kit at the time, wishing I was lucky enough to get one.

Geez, there wasn't even a flash and BOTH of these pics I've got my eyes closed!  What the hell!  She said this Worg Pup was the reason she got hooked onto pets in the first place.

I asked Faye about her DK friend.  And her avatar - which is a drawing of her paladin.  Her DK friend is an artist and she's a graphic designer so it makes for a great friendship/partnership.

I would have liked to stay longer, but it was getting onto 1:30am and I should really have been sleeping.  I had a lovely time chatting, and Faye enjoyed my company and it was nice to make a new friend (though we did already know each other through blogging).  Happy Navispam Faye!


  1. I still can't believe you visited me! :) I'm so glad you did, and I had a really nice time chatting with you. I'm sorry if I wasn't making sense you you came by; I was kind of just star struck that you were there and my brain was going "BUHHHHHHH?!" :)

    1. I had a great time chatting! Oh you made perfect sense - I have been like that MANY times, trust me! I was so happy you were happy to have me visit, that I was all squeeeeee too!


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