Silly post: I speak Aussie, mate, do you?

Disclaimer: Any similarity to events or people, real or imagined, is purely coincidental. No Kangaroos were harmed in the making of this post.

Fue: I reckon I'm gonna try to make a really ocker Aussie raid today.  You guys up for that?
Falln: Fair dinkum? I could give that a whirl.
Roshii: You guys are talking like bogans.  I'm not gonna talk like a moron.
Falln:  I'm not a bogan.
Hwired: Too right you are.  You're practically a bushie.
Falln: Am not.  Fue's the Tassie.  He's the one with 2 heads.
Navi:  I won't be able to keep up with this convo.  I won't get half of what youse are talking about.
Aza:  Can we pull already?  F*** sake.
Sevros:  Hey, hey language Az.  There are sheilas present.
Roshii: I can't believe Sev said SHEILA.  OMG.  You bunch of yobbos.
Gutsy: I bought a slab this arvo and I reckon I could finish it off before you guys even pull this boss.
Fue:  You know, I actually live in a city.  HK and Falln are from woop woop, not me.
Navi:  Sev lives out woop woop too on the weekends.
Aza:  (sighs)  Pulling.  This yabbering is pissing me off.
Fue:  Taunting.
Sevros:  Aza's such a dummy spitter.
Gutsy: Aza'll be right.  He's got wings.  Navi, could you try healing a bit?  It's hard doing all the work, you bludger.
Navi: Rack off.  You're so up yourself, you whinger.
Gutsy: Where's Voe tonight?  I'm cracking a fat owning these meters.
Navi:  OMG, don't say that, there could be kids present, Gutsy.
Souglyy:  Joshie's having a bash for me, he likes playing me hunter.
Navi:  Voe's shot through, he's in D3.  He'll be spewing if his trinket drops and I get it.
Sevros:  Strewth will you look at my DPS Aza?  You can eat my dust!
Aza:  My mouth hurts. I can't be stuffed trying to beat you today.
Roshii:  I can't believe Sev said strewth.  Who the hell says that anymore these days?
Mctacky:  Hi guys!  Just taking a stickybeak to see what youse are up to!
Fue:  Hi Tacky, we're raiding.  Could you keep your gob shut just till this boss is done?
McTacky:  Ok, I'll just go dunny and come back when youse are done.
Gutsy:  Crap, you guys made me laugh and I spilled my beer all over me trackydaks.
Falln:  Trackies?  This is thongs and budgie smuggler weather, mate.
Gutsy: Who the F*** wears budgie smugglers when raiding??
Hwired:  You guys are hitting like wusses.  Quit yabbering and DPS more.
Sevros:  Uhh, we're taking too long, boss is enraged, he's mad as a cut snake.
Fue: Nah we're good, this boss has carked it.  Piece of piss.
Navi:  LOL this was a ripsnorter of a post to write!
Falln: Bonza of a raid Fue.  LOL that sounded real bad.
Roshii:  My trinket!
Souglyy:  LOL, Roshii's really stoked.  OMG, he was sooking so bad before, coz he thought he hasn't gotten any loot for bloody ages.
Aza:  I'm glad this fight is over.  I'm going to go veg out in front of the telly now.
Falln:  I think I'll get the missus to look over me old fella.
Everyone:  FALLN!!


  1. Omg hahahaha Aussie is the best! Most people speak like this in Frostmourne :D

  2. Lmao Navi, that is so funny, cracked us up :)

    Great post mate!

    Roshii & Souglyy :)

  3. Haha hat was cracka navi


  4. This is wonderful! I've been busy using my new bogan word and now I have a bunch more! Got to get Urban Dictionary open for translation and then I can begin to incorporate more aussie into my everyday chats irl. Gotta check first and see if I'm insulting people or what though!

  5. @Cate - LOL :D
    @Roshii & @Souglyy - I'm glad you approved!
    @Falln - I knew you would think so :)
    @TotA - I can't wait to see you trying out your new vocab! Hahaha!

  6. LOL! Navi, this is great. I got a good chuckle, and I almost understood some of it. ;)

    ~ Effy

  7. @effy - I knew you could speak a bit if Aussie!

  8. rofl! I don't know precisely what all of this means, but I can guess most of it from context ;)

    Though, really, "budgie smuggler"? Now I'm imagining a Blood Elf with a parakeet tucked into the cleavage of her Skimpy Plate outfit. :P

  9. @kamalia - lol you're not far off! It's boys tight swimming trunks.

  10. This was real cracker Navi and I pissed meself laughing. I can imagine all the players just acting like that, wearing flannos and uggys, with tinnies in hand. It was almost like having a yarn around a barby.


  11. If I wasn't deflated and defeated in my utter lack of Yank coolness, it has gone into the negative numbers. /submit
    /not worthy

    Damn, where is that passport?

  12. That was to funny! Now, I need a dictionary to figure out what you said!!!


  13. @ayelena - I cracked up writing the blinkin' thingo! :D
    @Matty - you probably think we're a bunch uncouth people LOL
    @Zwingli - urban dictionary is pretty awesome for looking that stuff up. And Ty for dropping by zwingli!

  14. Ahh the life of an Aussie.
    Aza play his part swell!

    I see vegemite didn't make an appearance =(

  15. Uncouth?

    You can't be serious. You don't get much more laid-back than Little Miss Matty Tatty Pants.

    First of all, I knew immediately what a "tinnie" is --having had a few of those in my day. Hell, may even have one right now.

    1. My favorite Aussie:


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