More Chibi Cuteness - Roshii Orc Rogue

And here is the next commission for my guild that Sleepingfox did - it's of Roshii in her favourite transmog set using Fangs of the Father with the on use wings!

Roshii is wearing Assasination Helm with pieces farmed from 25 man Ulduar - Shoulderpads of the Monolith, Winter's Icy Embrace, Gloves of the Blind Stalker, Belt of the Twilight Assassin, Leggings of Wavering Shadow, Flamestalker Boots.

So who would think that behind those big blue eyes is the heart and soul of an assassin??  Love those wings!  And the cute little skulls on the knees and shoulders!  I know Roshii is happy with this fantastic chibi!


  1. Wooooohoooo TY so much Navi, i really really love it :D

    SleepingFox is amazing :)


  2. I love the eyes and I love the wings! Rosh looks so cute :)


  3. That's absolutely, incredibly amazing!

  4. Wooot that is amazing!! I want one chibi too :'(

  5. That's a very adorable, cuddly little rogue. /nod

    Oh and look, there's a picture in the post too! :p

  6. @Roshii - I'm so pleased you love it :)
    @Souglyy - I agree! Cute but deadly!
    @Rioriel - Who knew rogues could be cute, right Rio? :D
    @Cate - You should get one Cate!
    @Sevrus - LOL

  7. How can a rogue be that cute, it's just not fair!

  8. @TotA - I know! Unfair!
    @Arv - Totally!
    @McTacky - I know you want one too Tacky :)
    @Matty - Isn't she just? :)

  9. How do I get one love? Who will willing me to help me :( Or I have to learn how to draw :'(

  10. I couldn't even tell you how I stumbled on this site =D But as a fellow WoW player, I think it's quite the community you have =D

    On a different note...that picture is so stinkin' adorable!

    For the Horde!

  11. @Liv - Thank you for visiting my blog, fellow Horde sister! And yes, it is damn adorable! You see everyone?? Horde ARE cute :D


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