More Chibi Cuteness - Orc Hunter Souglyy

My Chibi was so popular that my guildies all wanted one!  Cymre also had one done as most of you know, but Sleepingfox was happy to do a few more for my guildies that you will see more gorgeous chibis from her in this blog over the next few weeks!

So here is one of Souglyy, who asked if she could be doing a shy pose, and she wanted to be wearing her famous Steadfast set with her Mantle of the Sea Wolf shoulders - PERFECT shoulder armour for a Frostwolves guildie!  Sleepingfox wanted to know if she should include the bow and staff, and I said yes please!

It was funny, because I got some text messages from Roshii and Souglyy telling me they saw the chibi up at Sleepingfox's deviant art site, and when I checked my email there was email there from Sleepingfox telling me it was done.

Don't you just love her little orc teeth!  And her big blue eyes and cute little belly button?  The shoulders look really awesome as well!  I look forward to seeing what Souglyy says about her chibi :)


  1. I just love her so much, she is so cute :)

    Woot I have a Chibi :)

    Thank you so much Sleepingfox & Navi.


  2. Once again, completely and utterly adorable!

    ...dang, I need to learn how to do CGI one of these days :P

  3. @Souglyy - I'm glad you like it! She is adorable!
    @Kamalia - I wish I was talented so I could draw!

  4. Ahh, that is insanely adorable!

  5. What can I say.. I absolutely love it. And I'm do happy that baha loves it. Big thanks to Sleepingfox and navi. -Roshii

  6. OMG! She is so cute, and the shoulders are so perfect Sleepingfox does such and incredible job!

  7. That is darling! Soooo cute!

  8. @Roshii - Sorry to steal your thunder Rosh :P but I'm glad you like it!
    @TotA - It's amazing isn't it!
    @Matty - :D
    @McTacky - I know! Who knew Baha could be that cute? :P (except for Roshii)

  9. @pando - I know! Who thought orcs could be cute?

  10. you little cutie orc.. you amazed me.. i can't take my eyes of the screen now...

  11. @wowgold - glad you like it too!


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