Mog busting Chatmay

Now Chatmay did not choose me to mog her, but nobody seems to be making her mog for her, so I didn't want her to feel like nobody cares about her.  So, just so she knows we love her and think about her I thought I'd make her a mog.

Shoryl was the original perpetrator of this Meme.  It's gone to a few well known mog artists since then, you can see the list when you go to Shoryl's original post.  This is what Chatmay wanted:
Chatmay is a longtime resident of Stormwind City and war veteran.  She is known most of all for being a social butterfly and party hostess extraordinaire.  Rebel and wild-child in her younger days, she has mellowed out a bit in her middle-aged years, but she still knows how to have fun.  And even though she is known as friendly and outgoing in public, she occasionally makes a statement that it is not to be forgotten that she is a warlock.
Chatmay usually wears robes and loves ones that expose midriff or back.  Pants/tops are ok as long as they are stylish.  She rarely wears helms that show the neck but hide all of her hair (ew), but she does like hoods and masks.
Chatmay has recently acquired a dagger called Runesong Dagger, and is looking for something to wear with it.  She won the dagger when greatly outnumbered, so she wants the outfit to be a reminder to everyone – don’t mess with me.
So here I go!  Finding a dress was easy, but shoulders was hard!  I didn't want to use a full tier/set piece look.  I am not a helm or cape fan, and the choices of helm I would like are not what Chatmay would like.  There seems to be a large amount of PVP gear in this mog though....

I really like the Cataclysmic Gladiator's Felweave Raiment and Amice.  That dress with the inbuilt necklace is very nice.  And it's damn sexy.
I chose Cataclysmic Gladiator's Cuffs of Accuracy with Vicious Gladiator's Felweave Handguards so you can see her hands - humans have nice hands I think!  However, the choice of belt is not a great one IMO (Belt of Arcane Storms) as the matching Cataclysmic Gladiator's Cord of Accuracy goes very nicely with this set.  Pale Corpse Boots (Heroic colour) was what I chose as the shoes, though any shoes would go well if they were dark I think.

I like Chatmay's original offhand in the picture she showed (Swampchill Fetish) so I kept that for the "don't mess with me I'm a warlock" look.  And the wand that I would put with this set is Wand of the Netherwing.

Wowhead is broken atm :( it's having maintenance!  I'll fix the links tomorrow when it's back up.

I hope she likes it.  All those spikes are kinda scary!

Edit: Ok, Shoryl says I need to continue the meme!  So I choose JD of Amateur Azerothian, and this is his challenge:

Navimie is thinking about being a bear tank next expansion, and wants to look big and tough like a warrior.  She would like a full faced helm like a warrior and look like a tank when she's not in bear form, and Mask of Lethal Intent looks like it fits the bill nicely.  Tanking weapons tend to be staves, so the mogged weapon has to be a staff.

I look forward to seeing what the Simon Cowell of Azeroth comes up with :)


  1. @Cymre - Thx! I hope she likes it and doesn't get mad at me coz she didn't ask me to do it ...

  2. New Navimie feature:

    "Peeping Mogger"

    1. @JD - Me and Matty have decided to call it "Mog-jacking"

  3. Now that you've mogged Chatmay, you need to tag someone else!! I see no reason why, if the others have just run into a spell of busy, there can't be splits going on!

  4. I was also feeling kind of bad that no-one had done anything for Chatmay yet and was considering making something to her specs, even though I'd already been in the meme. This outfit that you've assembled is fabulous, and I hope that she likes it, too!

  5. Wow Thanks! I love the outfit, but I am not sure that I understand how to get the robes and shoulders...?

  6. @Shoryl - I wasn't sure if I was allowed because I wasn't tagged! I didn't want to join the party uninvited if you know what I mean :)
    @Kamalia - I'm glad you and I think the same there Kam :)
    @Chatmay - I just noticed you posted on your site - off to tell you about the items!

    1. I think this is one of those cases of the more the merrier! I think anyone who wants to join in can do so, either by mog-jacking themselves in by picking one up, or just by starting a new one! I didn't want to make it go all viral because it's a little bit more work-intensive than, for instance, the sixth-of-sixth meme. :)

      So, go ahead and pick sumbuddy.

      I have a few folks on my short list of who I hope get picked soon.

    2. @Shoryl - I picked someone! I'm keeping your meme alive :D

  7. I love that outfit! That is a great Warlock look. I doubt anyone would mind you mog-jacking them, lol! I think it should be a regular, Navi's Mog-Jacks.

  8. @TotA - TY Ancient! I would do one for you but you're already so stylish and all :D Oh, and I think I have got a regular segment, these Mog-jacking posts.

  9. @Pando - TY :) Pity you can only get it if you are a Warlock, I really like that dress.


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