Sunday raiding - Trouble on the boat

Warmaster continued to be a poor effort last night.  I know that I was guilty of a lot of the things people were grouchy about - taking barrages on my own, dying in the onslaught because of being cleaved and charged... Aza was getting quite frustrated, and ended up leaving at 10pm.  Tout came in then and we just did it on normal.  I haven't quite figured out how to heal for the onslaught - I've been starting about 1-2 seconds before it hits so that I can get some of the heals off as well as get the hots on so I can move out as quick as possible, but then I have a few ticks of healing which weren't required.  However, if I leave it later, I can heal more, but it means I have to stand still longer which means I am at risk of dying to the cleaves.

And I fell off spine!  Gosh, haven't done that in a while.  I was stacked on the left, and I remember running to one spot which was not the same spot as everyone else - not usually a problem is there was no corruption there, but I remember seeing the debuff and stopping.  I think what happened was I ran through a hole and stood on a corruption where there was no hole and so I fell off.  Oh well, lucky we were 3 healing it, you don't really need 3 healers for spine normal anyway.  Gutsy and I two heal it usually - gosh those days seem so long ago now!

Madness did NOT go smoothly either!  Tout died while tanking - which usually happens because impaled and didn't use a cooldown - and then Hwired died because Tout didn't taunt fast enough.  Tout said he hadn't tanked it before.  And also we were doing Kalecgos' platform first so we were lower on DPS.  Oh and oh my god could the bloods have been done any worse?  I think it was the worst lot of bloods we had ever done - they were regenerating EVERY platform.  They did die, but gosh it was extra stress.  And we were so bad one attempt that I started to DPS the tentacle because I was worried we weren't going to make the timer - in fact we were 3 seconds from dying to Cataclysm one platform.  The loot was awful too - all was DE'd.  Sev only needs to start on Alexstrasza's platform now, and Augment got his Chromatic champion achievement.  I got an unexpected achievement too.

After that, we did some Arena, and we ended up winning half our games, and ending up with a rating of 1500 - which felt like we hadn't gone anywhere!  I don't think we've figured out a good strategy for full plate teams yet - DKs are the greatest challenge I find to fight against in arena.  And even if I CC a warrior who is smacking Sev, the pally will just freedom them and off they go again.  The boomkin/warlock team dotted us to death (which I mistakenly said burst and Sev just tsk tsk'd me), and I just could not keep up - probably purges had something to do with that.  Their shaman healer was hiding nicely behind a pole - which is perhaps what I should have been doing to draw them away from their healer, Shab and Sev are like steam trains - I have to get out there to heal them because they run headlong into danger!  I do recall one team who were very timid, they had a hunter, and we flogged them twice.  Sev died really quickly one attempt, and I have no idea why because I was healing him and he just went splat!  He bought two Valor rings after that.  Anyway, Monday might be a SWTOR night, so it may be a quiet night on the blog front.  Though I would like to squeeze a few more Arenas in.


  1. Enjoy your SWTOR night and watch out for shady people in cantinas!

  2. Methinks if one gets to 50,000 VP, Blizz should donate a kidney or something. Seriously.
    :) Congrats!

  3. @TotA - Well I made it to level 10!
    @Faithy - TY :)
    @Matty - OMG what would I do with a 3rd kidney? Maybe it could be a vanity pet :)


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