Noblegarden Lucky Rabbit

I was little underwhelmed by this year's mount.  The Swift Springstrider is a grey strider, which is kinda boring, but maybe it's mean to be bunny colours or something.  Anyway, a mount is a mount, and I have to get grinding. 

No new achievements for me this year to get, so I thought I'd just take it easy and head down to my usual haunt in Durotar.  And surprisingly, after a few years, I found some in places I don't normally see them.  Well, except for the middle picture, those are usual ones but I thought I'd take a picture of two eggs anyway.

So imagine my surprise when I finished my dailies and quest and was just opening all my eggs and found this in my bags!

Well, don't I feel like I found the lucky rabbit's foot today!  Well, I guess I can stop looking for eggs now - the whole 10 minutes I spent doing it...

Why does it have to be on something I can grind???  I shouldn't complain, but I think I'd much rather get lucky on Malygos.


  1. Hey, luck is luck! ;)

    Congrats Navi!!

  2. Grats Navi! I got mine after 260-odd eggs, and another 20 eggs later! Glad that I didn't have to farm 500 eggs after all :)

  3. @Euphy - TY Euphy! This poor mount won't get much use though :)
    @Ara - TY Ara, boy am I glad too that I didn't have to farm all the eggs, it would have driven me balmy :)

  4. Grats! I hate you :) I had to farm all 500 eggs to get my mount, when one of my guild mates logged in collected 9 eggs and got one. I was devastated...I was at that point up to approx 120 eggs so I still had a long time to go.

    As Euphyley sas - luck is luck - some have it...others don't :)

  5. I got 8 rabbits in 3 hours grind, I hate eggs and rabbits now :P

  6. TEN MINUTES?!?!?!




    Going to go see a doctor about some pills now.

    Glad you're back!

  7. If it wasn't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all.

    But I am lucky in love, so that counts, right?

  8. OMG! I've heard of "the luck of the Irish" but did you bring back some "luck of the Londoner" with you?

    Welcome back!

  9. @Dragonray - I am not usually lucky so I was astonished and grateful! Sorry for rubbing salt in your wound though ><
    @CateJoubran - I would hate them too! I hated them every other year...
    @Matty - TY for the WB, and lucky in love does count :)
    @TotA - TY, it's good to be back and not AFK from WoW :)

  10. wow that's awesome!
    I got a the mount in a egg on the 477th choccie >.<

  11. @Faithy - OMG, that's so.... omg so close.


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