Sixth meme - 60 hours

It's my own fault.  I wanted to see.  I needed to see.  I tried.  And since 60 hours there have been even MORE but I have to stop.  It's just turned.... crazy.  It even looks crazy.  I can hardly read it.

So for those who don't know what I'm talking about it's Gnomeageddon's Sixth Meme.  That screenshot thing which started out as a simple post a pic chain mail but made everyone involved that there a HELL of a lot of WoW blogs out there.  Since then Gnomey has followed it up with a follow up post: The Devil made me Do It: A week of 666.  In which he showed my "work of insanity" and also Martha's anally obsessive tree of linkage.  Her list was just amazing.  I thought that my chart would be redundant.  But some of my friends did like the visual image, and I thought, and wondered what it would look like now.  I imagined it would be something like a tangled ball of wool, and I wasn't far off.

So, since you've been so patient, here was the Meme at 30 hours:

And here it is at 60 hours (are you ready....)

I can't even read it.  The middle bit is all blotted out.  I can just make out Godmother's name.  And underneath her, Guild mum (Sephrenia) is totally overwritten.  Rades is barely visible under all the crosses over, and same with Kae and Effraeti.  But there are a hell of a lot of bloggers out there... and there are still more who I've only noticed now.  Thanks to Martha, whose amazing tree I couldn't have followed it all without, especially in the areas that I dont' know so well.

One of my guildies said to me, why did you do that?  Do you even KNOW these people?  And looking at the list, I would say I would KNOW OF about half of them, or had heard of half of them.  The other half are new to me.

And there are still some bloggers who haven't been tagged.  That I know of anyway.  I am totally bamboozled.

But... I found out that Gnomeageddon is another Aussie blogger.  So the list of Aussie WoW bloggers is now up to 5:
and me!

OK enough typing.  My brain needs a rest.

Edit: Twitter updates!  Glow is Aussie!  I never knew that!  And Voros too!
Now we have 7 Aussie WoW bloggers!


  1. are you sure your kids didn't just scribble on the page?:P

  2. This is an incredibly interesting piece of work, and let it be said I am really pleased someone would take the time to do this.

    Anyone who thinks this game's losing it's interest should take a look at things like this and think again :D

    1. @Godmother - I was more afraid you'd be angry at me for roping you in! Glad you found it interesting, because I was at first too.

  3. Oh thanks Navi, I was so looking forward to seeing this! It's going to take me a while to work my way through all these (new to me) blogs so I saved it to my desktop!

  4. @TotA - I wish I could put hyperlinks on them then that would make it heaps easier too! I just go back to Martha's one coz it's so awesome.
    @Edenvale - TY :)

  5. This is awesome! :D Sorry for not catching it fly by earlier, I had my head buried in the tree. And NyQuil. >.<;;

    But I love the visual—it's so much easier to grasp the happy chaos via flowchart that it is by tree! Now I'm tempted to see if I can't export the thing to Excel when it's 'done' and make a snowflake of the tags (fractal trees via blogging?)

    …Right now this is just going to be my desktop at work. Huzzah for confusing coworkers! :D

    1. @Martha - As someone who was going through your tree... I can imagine! The links and everything in it are totally awesome, great work! I look forward to seeing if you can get the thing to export and make a snowflake!


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