Meme the Sixth - Gnomeageddon's challenge

I saw this post on Jaded Alt and wondered what the hell is that?  I went along to read it and saw that that Windsoar had been tagged by Gnomeageddon for this challenge.

What is this challenge?  I hear you ask.  Well...

The Rules.

- Go into your image folder
- Open the sixth sub-folder and choose the sixth image.
- Publish the image! (and a few words wouldn’t hurt, though I dare say I couldn’t stop a blogger from adding a few words of their own).
- Challenge six new bloggers.
- Link to them.

Windsoar had a great screenshot of her doing the legendary quest in Firelands, and I thought wow, how lucky (with tweaking! :P) was it that she got that cool picture!
Imagine my surprise as I read further down the post that she had tagged ME to participate!  OMG! I don't have subfolders in my screenshot folder... BUT, I thought I would take a couple of liberties
  • though I may not have a subfolders in my WoW screenshot folder, I do have all the pics I keep for blogs and nice pics etc in a separate wow blog pics folder, and THAT folder has lots of subfolders
  • the bad thing is that all the shots in there are already edited, though that doesn't necessarily mean I'm going to get a good shot!
And then I realised that I had messages on my Twitter... and she'd told me in a tweet that I had been tagged!  Gosh, I found out from going through my blogroll, but hey, now I have to get in and quickly tag people before they're all tagged up!

So here is my 6th of the 6th...

This picture was taken for my Furtive father winter gift, it was supposed to be 7 worgens swimming (my gift was 12 days of Winter Veil).  What a shame the 6 priests a praying wasn't the 6th picture, that would have been really cool and a great coincidence too!

And for the next 6th, I challenge these bloggers to participate in the challenge (ok, this bit is really hard.  Windsoar chose 3 people that I would have chosen, and Ancient is going to choose another 2 that I would have chosen, so I need to get in there real quick!)
  1. Cymre
  2. Effraeti
  3. Fannon (if he takes as long as he did to do my commission we might have to wait till next year to see his picture...)
  4. Euphyley
  5. The Godmother
  6. Aralosseien
So why these 6?  I guess because I know they're all avid screenshotters, and Matty in case you're wondering why I didn't tag you it's because I knew Ancient would tag you first.


    1. I remember that shot!

      Thx for the link Nav. How did I know you would link to me? :P I had to get my post in before others beat me to it... the race is on!

    2. Ha! Thank you for Matty Navi, now at least I didn't replicate your entire list!

      I was so set to beat you to it last night but got started on the post and had an unexpected visitor, drat!

      Got up this morning and ran in here without glasses on and posted before checking here because I knew if I did I'd have to start over!

      Now your shot reminded me of your 12 days of Winter Veil which I like almost as much as your rhyming!

    3. Hmmm, I may be doomed to pick six people who've not done this... ^^

    4. I'm too late to the game. =( Everyone I would have linked to has been linked to already!!! GAH!!

      Ah well, I do like the screenshot you got though. I just want to tip that worgen boat over and see them flailing around all willy nilly. *evil grin*

    5. I think the whole fun thing is to do the pic and then link any 6 people, then at least you've done it right! As long as it wasn't the person who sent it to you that should be ok!

    6. When I read your raiding blow-by-blows, I feel like I'm right in moment-very cool! And I love the screenshot --talk about surreal! So much fun.

    7. Why do I keep finding comments by Matty I have not seen before! You stealth commenter, you. And Ty I am glad u like the screenie and my raid stories.


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