Ironnavie Chapter 1 - Level 1 to 10

Oh dear.  The Draenei crash landed here and altered the native flora and fauna!  Never fear!  My trusty Moth and I will do these quests and do our best to right what wrong we've done with our unplanned visit to this world.  I just hope that none of these enemies I'm fighting our wielding a [Bug Spray] or else my Moth is a goner.  I can't help but pat my beautiful blonde hair before I set off on tiptoes on my hooves (hooftoes? tiphoofs?) running off to go kill some poor creatures.

Wow, it's been a while since I played a hunter.  Since when do I start with a pet?  And, what is this focus bar?  Damn, I did like mana because there are pots for that but there are no pots for focus!  And oh, we don't have to buy ammo anymore?  Wheeee!

Looking at these red crystals leaching bad energy into the water brings back a famous Woody line from Toy Story:
"Somebody's poisoned the waterhole!"

Ah, but there is tragedy not only in what's around us but within our circle too.  Here we mourn the dead.  I kneel in respect and sadness for those of my race who have fallen.

Some silly things I noticed around here.  There are some normal Owlkin, and some mutated Owlkin.  Isn't it funny that the NORMAL ones look like Tauren Moonkin, and the Mutated ones look like Troll Moonkin?

I got my first achievement from following a Furlborg Totem.  I jumped off a cliff and got "Going Down?", though it did feel like I was cheating because I had special wings at the time!  This quest chain has a hell of a lot of running and swimming.

Oh, and I found another NPC named after a famous person.  Odesyus (Odysseus) named after the Greek hero who wandered the sea for 10 years before he came home to Ithaca.

After finding a traitor, and heading up north to kill some ravagers, I made it to Level 10.  Yay!  Only 75 more to go.  I bet they won't be as easy as those first 10.


  1. You know, you've given me a lot to think about.

    You decided if you were going to do this, to step out of your comfort zone and do something crazy.

    I think I'm gonna get rid of little level 7 Bigironbutt the draenei Mage, which is just inside my comfort zone, and do something I've never ever done before.

    I think Bigironbutt will be reborn as an undead hunter with evil black spider pet. And I will keep that one pet the entire time. I have never had more than one undead alt, and that one was abandoned and destroyed at level 6. So this will truly be new for me.

    Thank you for the inspiration, I can't wait to get more of your impression of Ironavie!

    1. @Bear - I'm glad I inspired you, Bear! You are right, I took something TOTALLY not me and crazy and tried it... and ... well, you'll see tomorrow :P

  2. After reading this I realized I've only leveled one character through this starting zone. That's something else to put on my list of things to do!

    Ferricat was so excited to get to talk to you this morning! Can't wait to hear the next installment of Ironavie's adventures!

    1. @TotA - oh my dear friend, you know what happens next...

  3. She is lovely. Talk about comfort zones- even though I leveled Luperci the Paladin, Who Is Not A Fail Tank, I had to go in as retribution the other day, and holy two-hander, Batman, was that a joke. I had to ask my friend during the Azshara fight if I could tank it, because otherwise there would be repeated wipes. Poor little Ironskillet. I think when, if, her reincarnation survives past level 10 I may change her name. Paladins require patience, of which I have little, so in that regard, my comfort zone has been cramped! :)

  4. @Matty - Holy 2hander Batman... Matty you crack me up! Well, I am doing Ironavie again take 2 but continuing old Ironavie old Ironman style and see how I go that way. Maybe I will be able to play a hunter by the end of all this.


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