Babies of Azeroth

I like seeing children in game.  As in NPCs, not as in children playing World of Warcraft (though I'm not against that as most people know - in moderation!).  All the inhabitants of Azeroth were children once, so where are they all?  So I set outon a mission taking pictures of children in Azeroth outside of Children's week.  I haven't included vanity pets either like the Argent Gruntling or Herald.

The orphanages are a great place to start if you want to see little ones.  Shattrath's orphanage is even more interesting because it has babies in cribs of many races.  You can see even the cots are coordinated to race.

Challe's orphanage is secreted away between Nagrand and Zangarmarsh.  If you fly over the last g Laughing skull ruins on the map of Nagrand you will find it high up in the moutains.  There are also babies here, as well as more tauren babies on a swing like spinning contraption.  This orphanage is a little bit morbid as there are some small skeletal remains in some of the cages.  Were they eaten?  Did they starve to death?  Or were they just bad children?  There's even a doghouse here, but no sign of a dog.  A blood elf and a human child are running around outside chasing each other.

In the Orgrimmar Orphanage there is one goblin child.  Though he looks almost as big as an adult goblin to me.  Not the most attractive child, IMO.  Maybe that's why he's in the orphanage...

Taunka babies look like Tauren babies.  I dunno why they made Taunkan males look so weird and their females look like Tauren females.  Should have made them a whole new race properly IMO.

There are quite a few children down near the Steam Pools in Feralas.  I wonder why I couldn't find any girls down there.

Of course the new Darkmoon Faire would have children there.  Lots of girls this time!  I guess that's where all the girl children went.

There are also a myriad of creatures with babies too in game.  Quite a few rares too!

If you kill the parent, this little cub sits down.  And then follows another bear.


  1. Awww... How cute!

    My favorite babies are the mammoth calves. However, it is heartbreaking to go through Borean Tundra and hear the calves crying from the traps. *cry* I hate going through there, cuz I want to save them all, and I cannot without the quest!!

    ~ Effy

  2. @effraeti - I think babies do that to a lot of parents - I am just glad no child is ever attackable because killing them would be weird. Borean tundra has a lot of mean things in it, there are hunters killing babies and poachers around.


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