Why I can't level an alt

Sometimes I feel like I am the only person who doesn't have a level 85 alt.  I read lots of blogs about people who are altoholics, and certainly in my guild there are plenty of people with max level alts.

So why can't I level an alt?

Well, I mean 85 alts, not bank alts!

I have thought about it and come up with a few things.
  1. Levelling is Lonely

    I admit, I play WoW for the social aspect of it.  The times that I do things alone are farming and levelling professions or going for achievements.  But questing and levelling for the sake of levelling... I can't do it.  It's lonely.  I could probably do it if I had a levelling buddy (and hell that would make it go quicker too with recruit-a-friend, group bonus etc).

  2. Time Constraints

    In my spare time I am busy farming (on a friend's account that he gave up - druid herb/miners are AWESOME!), fishing, or doing archaeology or questing low level zones for my achievements.  In fact every time I get on an alt or even my mate's account, I think "I should be fishing on Navi trying to get my turtle" or "I should be PVPing for my honour this week, and see if I can get my reputation up" or "I should be in Hillsbrad mindlessly killing mobs so I can get a Cat carrier: Black Tabby".

  3. I can no longer hide on alts because of RealID

    My highest alt was made before RealID and I would escape on her just to get away from guild politics or people that irritated me.  So I would play her (with a friend!) and people would just think I wasn't online.  However, I hardly touch her now because of RealID as I would have to log to get away from people if I was cranky.

  4. If I play my alt a while I forget how to play my druid

    OK, this is LAME I know.  But I know that when I played my mage for extended periods, I would actually forget how to play my druid for a short time - maybe only half an hour, but I know I wasn't playing to my best.  Imagine if I had a bevy of alts!  My poor brain could not handle it.  I think I am just not a very good player....
Don't get me wrong, I think people with lots of alts are great, and must be fantastic for all their jewelcrafting, alchemy needs!  And also it would help you understand other classes better.  Perhaps I should try harder to level an alt.  Can anyone think of any motivational tips for me?