The quest for a Tauren/Orc Halloween costume

One of the bummy thing about being Tauren is that things which look good on humanoid type characters don't look as good on a Tauren.  All those sexy skimpy dresses and events where you get to dress up are usually a let down when it comes to putting it on a Tauren.  Shoes for example, never show properly because we have hooves.  In fact, female Tauren always look good in armour, fully covered, unlike almost every other race (with the exception of female orcs) who look good naked or scantily dressed.

So trying to find a Halloween Costume for Kirina's closet is difficult.  I have to stick to monstrous looking things unless I wear some sort of mask!  So this year, I decided to enter Kirina's closet's Halloween Costume competition, and here is my submission which I am quite proud of!

This is my Big bad wolf with Trick or Treat bag.  You can get this look too quite easily!

Helm: Embrace of the Lycan (Drop from ZF) Alternative - Wolfshead Helm (Leatherworking)
Chest: White Leather Jerkin (Leatherworking)
Hands: Snowhide Mitts
Legs: Snowhide Pants
Feet: Snowhide Hoof-Warmers (Tewah Chillmane in Taunkale Village, Borean Tundra sells the Snowhide set)
Mainhand: Big Bad Wolf's Paw (Karazhan - BBW Opera event)
   Alternatives Eskhandar's Right Claw (MC - Magmadar)
                       Mag'hari Fighting Claw (Weapon Vendors in Outlands)
Offhand: Lost bag of Whammies (ZG) or Khadgar's Knapsack (G'eras - Shattrath) or Furbolg Medicine Pouch (Gorn One-Eye - Felwood)

Roshii is the only Orc female toon I know, and we're trying to work on a Hallow's End costume for him to put on her, and since she has Warglaives what better than to dress as a demon hunter?

Just missing the Blindfold and it would be bloody awesome.
Helm: Cursed Vision of Sargeras
Chest: Buckled Harness (from vendors in Org)
Wrist: Damn, I forget what green I bought for Roshii to wear...
Legs: Kilt of Sewn Flesh (Meathook in Normal Culling of Stratholme)
Feet: Dress shoes (crafted tailoring)
Main and Offhand: Warglaives of Azzinoth (Illidan in Black Temple)

Trying to get an Engineer's costume for Huntinhk, so gotta keep farming that Gnomer.  Ugh!

WoW Roleplay Gear is a great place for costumes, and I'm using a lot of their ideas and costumes there for our Hallow's End costumes.

Azadelta and Lacrox have also put together costumes as well, and I'll edit this post with their costumes when I can find a time we can all get on together!


  1. Another wolf helm option is the Helm of Lupine Grace. I forget which quest I picked it up, but it's still sitting in the bank.

  2. @Mabaho - yeah I had looked it up (was going to make the LW one but Wildvine is hard to come by), and all that stuff comes from quests I had done already. So this mask option was one of the easiest to farm.


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