So How much Haste do I need? - Resto Druid Haste Break Points

I have blogged about this before, but having read on people's blogs and MMO champion I have found that the numbers aren't quite correct for me because I get an extra buff quite often - Dark Intent.

Dark intent is a Warlock spell that is cast on a target, giving the target an extra 3% haste, lasting for half an hour.  When the target or the warlock gets crits with dots/hots then the other gets 3% extra dmg/healing which stacks up to 3 times lasting for 7 seconds.

So I have been looking at the tables and basically this is what I had been aiming for with the 5% haste buff from Boomkins

With 5% buff
Haste              Extra ticks
0                    11th tick of LB
256                8th tick of WG
915                5th tick of RJ
1220              12th tick of LB
1423 (11%)   5th tick of RG
2004 (15.6%)9th tick of WG
2440 (19%)   13th tick of LB
3659 (28.6%)14th tick of LB

But what I really should be looking at is this

Without 5% buff
Haste                Extra ticks
640                  11th tick of LB
909                  8th tick of WG
1601                5th tick of RJ
1921 (15%)     12th tick of LB
2135 (16.6%)  5th tick of RG
2744 (21.44%)9th tick of WG
3202 (25%)     13th tick of LB

(BTW restoration druid has a nice post with the numbers all listed nicely)

This is because when you look at your character screen, it only shows you your haste rating but the buffs to your haste aren't added in, but they show as a % after the haste rating.  So with Dark intent and Boomkin buff I should be aiming for 21.44%.  I found that am reaching my 9th tick of WG with my current gear, and that's with a personal haste rating of about 1850 I think.  (I'll edit this when I get back online to check).  So it's a good thing I got that belt from Throne of the 4 winds, because I socketed it with full haste and that's what's pushing me over (as well as using a haste ring).  But if I put my full haste gear on I might be able to achieve that 13th tick of LB (which is rather meh)!  I'll have to play a bit with my gear to figure it out.
So that's pretty awesome for me :) I just have to make sure I'm always getting the DI, and not the shadow priests.  Or the other resto druids...

Edit: OK I just figured out I only need 1573 haste for raiding if I get DI + Boom/SP buff.  Time to reforge a little!


  1. Or the Boomkins, or the Afflocks ... ;)

    I think you're fairly safe at the moment though, since both of the warlocks see you as the best bet for keeping the secondary dark intent buff up on them. :p


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