Recruiting again

Cataclysm enthusiasm died down quite quickly.  Healers and tanks are rapidly leaving our 25s lately, and it feels like we're back to where we were when we started.

So, in an effort to recruit I have been encouraging guildies to go from social to casual raiding.

Mendem has a few healers, none of which are quite yet raid ready.  Mil and Thinto are both interested in raiding/healing and that will boost numbers a bit.  However they also are not geared and I encouraged all of them to at least partake in part time raiding rather than full time raiding.

The problem with that is having content for those sorts of raiders.  One solution is doing BWD for 2 days and BoT for 2 days so that each of the 2 day raiders gets to experience some content.  And then the next week swapping it around so they get to try the other instance.  That might work quite nicely.

Which brings me to the sad point of which healers I am losing.

Cym and Cool are thinking of doing just alt runs, so that takes them out of main healing.  Not sure if Bel will go with them but he may go on his shaman and keep his paladin for raid heals but not sure about that.  Melf is out of action or at least on his way out so I can't really count on him to raid, which leaves me a bit short on the holy priest side.  Bish is holy but his connection is the pits at the moment.

So, Milly coming back would give me one extra druid, and T wants to heal on his priest as disc so that replaces Cym.  So hopefully fingers crossed we can still hit 25s.