A new member to Bovine Ninjaa

Welcome to our newest member to our 5v5 team!  Shabadu and Xynzelle have been quite chummy, and Shabadu asked us yesterday if we would mind inviting Xynzelle to our 5s team.  I never thought of Xyn as a pvp or arena person, but he has been quite active doing Tol Barad, and has even got a couple of pieces of pvp gear, including some Vicious Gladiator gear.  He seemed quite thrilled with the idea of joining our 5s team.

It turned out that the team was full, so I had to kick someone out.  Ended up kicking Hyad and Epidemais out (though really only needed to boot Hyad since he doesn't play anymore), so if Epi wanted to come back he could.  We had quite a few members on yesterday - me, Sev, Lushnek, Azadelta, Shabadu, Xynzelle and Aioros (though Aio seemed busy).

First 2 games were easy wins.  The first game was a 5 boxer warlock who was the suck, killed him easily.  The second game the other team didn't turn up, so another super easy win.  There was a totally EMBARRASSING loss where there was a team with only 4 players who kicked our asses.  Then there was a win later against a real team so I felt much better after that.

Which brings me to the name of my 5v5 arena team.  It should be changed now that Hyad isn't in it.  Should be Obe Ninja.  Or A Nine Job. BOE Ninja?  Hmm BOE Ninja sounds good!

You would think that with all that cc we would do better?  But hey it's early days yet.