Good raid week in BWD

Wow we did well this week. In 2 days we managed to get down 5 bosses in BWD, 2 of which we hadn't done on 25 before.  And we only had a few attempts on Chimaeron and it wasn't that bad!

And we were lucky this week, 2 of the leather shoulders dropped so I got one.  And the bracers dropped this week from Chimaeron!  Tout won them, gave them to me but I gave them to HK.  They'll drop again.

And the awesome healing trinket dropped from Maloriak, and Melfina got it.

So what did we do different?

Maloriak is quite straightforward.   There isn't much to comment about healing there.

Chimaeron is a little bit trickier.  In 10 man with just 2 to watch it wasn't so bad.  But in 25 there are 4 to watch, and quite a few people were below 10k for more than 4 seconds and then died to Massacre.  I actually did quite well on the kill fight, considering how crappy I was doing before.  I was doing tank heals and not healing raid but on the kill attempts I had put rejuv on myself and Lushnek and the tank (as Lush was dying every time he got hit with caustic slime and then massacre) and he did much better, and so did my healing.  With 2 healers lagging we did not too badly I thought.  The problem with phase 2 is that people weren't kiting I think and then were getting killed off one by one too quickly.


Healers: Navimie, Beldarien, Shaimster, Melfina, Cymre, Shnaptim (left for kill), Biship, Targetme

I can't remember who else was there!!!