Achievements in 5v5 Arenas!

No raiding yesterday, and I was late, so fortunately managed to fit our arena games in.  Did some 2s with Sev while Aza did 2s with Lushnek, and since Shabadu was on thought... hey let's squeeze in some 5s.

Milestone for the season for us, with our first 5v5 win (yay!), AND Shabadu got Last Man Standing achievement, which totally made my day.  I'll never get that achievement as a healer, but I was super excited for Shab, and I even whispered him later to say how awesome I thought that was and he said his heart was still racing :)

So we got 2 wins, killing the same team (Us vs DK, Warr, Pally, Mage, Priest - I think).

Had a good game on 2s as well, fortunately for me and Sev that the warrior/pally combo didn't seem to be talking to each other because I got Sev to drag the warrior away from his healer and the pally didn't follow and so I cc'd the pally when he finally emerged from behind the pillar and the warrior died.  Got some good points out of them too.