Should I call this the weekly frostwolf?

I was criticised yesterday because I didn't write daily... perhaps if I make this The Weekly Frostwolf I'd get a little less flack!

Sev was feeling a bit unloved yesterday, so I rallied the healers and Eboniee to try to cheer him up, unfortunately to no avail because he decided to take a week's break from raiding.  Eboniee was sucking up to him big time because she won the heroic Dying Light from our Blood Queen 25 kill, and she was thrilled.  I'm sure he didn't complain about that.  Bel was like "Sev? Who doesn't like Sev, everyone likes Sev!", and Bish was like "Sev?  Annoying? Hell yeah, he's a smart mouth little bitch!"  LOL, well I don't think we'd like Sev as much if he wasn't a little smartmouth.