Fishing for Old Ironjaw

I figured that since I had some long cases yesterday I may as well do some fishing and try to get some achievements.  Getting to Ironforge wasn't so bad, I didn't get ganked at all which was a relief, though having no mouse made it quite difficult to swim underwater.  I'm not very good with fixing the pitch with the keyboard.

Anyway got to Ironforge and sat in Forlorn caverns and fished... for hours.  No luck.  I was reluctant to leave because it takes so long to get there that I wanted to make it worth my while.  But I fished up lots of level 1 fish and a green and a few low level potions but no fish.  I was worried at one point - there was an alliance warlock eyeing me off whose name was Roasttauren, but I relaxed after I saw it was a level 29.  A level 80 came along and started fishing with me, and that was alright.  However, when I tried again close to raid time, 2 80s were standing at the far end of the pool and were pvp'd so I quickly hearthed out.  I guess I'll have to keep trying.