First heroic tier token!

We finally got Blood queen down on Heroic yesterday - yay!

A Warrior/Hunter/Shaman tier (Conquerers) dropped so guess who got that? hahaha 10g if you said Moopie!

I even had to be bitten because someone couldn't find their target, so I did some loldps at the end and we literally got it at the last second before the enrage.

Fortunately nobody died so that was good!

Unfortunately we had some of these new recruits acting like silly emotional children, name calling and whinging that so and so was abusing them (Sarthane and Orcation).  Sarthane emo'd and dropped raid and quit wow which was hugely childish.  I told him that when he got on his alt later.  He whinged that Orcation said this and that... and I'm here rolling my eyes about it saying who really cares!  I can't wait till Fue gets his mic so maybe he can sort out those little children.