Druid healing in 4.0

I hadn't really read up much about druid healing changes after patch, so I was healing absolutely INEFFECTIVELY!

So I thought I should look into it a bit more so I could get an idea about what I should be doing.

Tree of Life
I keep stuffing this up!  Now it's no longer a form, it's like a cooldown, where it has a 3 minute cooldown and lasts for like 30 seconds.  During that time regrowth, LB and WG are buffed, though all heal spells increased by 10%.  I keep automatically putting it on and then going... doh it's a CD now not a form....

Healing spells
Regrowth - is kinda weird now, lasts only 6 seconds and doesn't seem to heal for as much as I remember.
Nourish - is now SUPER slow to cast!  It does refresh your LB on the target though.  Horrible to use if you don't have any hots on the target though.
Lifebloom - can only be cast on ONE target when not in ToL.  I really have to cut back on my LB usage because it is so mana wastey!
Rejuvenation - expensive now
Efflorescence - a talented item which is a scary looking circle on the ground that forms when you use SM on a target.  Gives a short little AOE heal for those who stand in it.
Swiftmend - Gives Efflorescence - see above
Rebirth - can glyph now for full health/mana.  Currently have not observed the reports that battle rez can only be used once per encounter.
Interestingly hot ticks can crit which is cool!

Leather specialisation
Incentive for me to wear all leather!  Bonus Intellect, time to get rid of that cloth waist.

There is no Mp5 anymore or Spellpower on anything much except weapons, MP5 comes from Spi and Int provides the SP.

Hard to judge my healing at the moment because my Recount isn't working.