My ICC Gear Wishlist

After browsing the web reading various resto druid blogs I thought I'd make a list of gear that I'd like to get from patch 3.3, and what my progress is so far.

Lasherweave Helmet - badges (not got yet)
Helm of the Elder Moon - Rotface 25

Bone Sentinel's Amulet - Lord Marrowgar 25 - unfortunately dps wants this as well, I've seen it drop once and it went to Sev

Lasherweave Pauldrons - badges (not got yet)

Lasherweave Robes - badges (not got yet)

Greatcloak of the Turned Champion - Saurfang 25 - Oh I soooo want this cloak.  Haste and a socket and spirit? SEXINESS

Wrists of Septic Shock - Festergut 10

Handguards of Winter's Respite - Marrowgar 25
(Sanctified) Lasherweave Gauntlets - Got, yay my first T10.5.

Cord of Dark Suffering - Gunship 10
Belt of Petrified Ivy - Badges
Circle of Ossus - Badges- I think this is an awesome belt.  Gonna go for this when I get the chance

Leggings of Unrelenting Blood - Saurfang 10
Lasherweave Legplates - Badges

Boots of Unnatural Growth - Gunship 25 - Nice booties for crit stuff but I want the crafted ones
Boots of the Frozen Seed - Deathwhisper 10
Blessed Cenarion Boots - Crafted - Got! Thanks Chik!


Marrowgar's Frigid Eye - Marrowgar 25
Ring of Maddening Whispers - Deathwhisper 25 - I like this ring, though didn't want to take it because of crit, let Feti take it
Signet of Putrefaction - Festergut 10 - got this, wasn't sure about it because of the lack of spirit but the socket on it makes it just that bit better.

Althor's Abacus - Gunship 25 - Got! my first 25 loot!
Sliver of Pure Ice - Marrowgar 10 - I dont' really like this trinket, I passed on it
Purified Lunar Dust - Badges - got! my first badge buy!

Mag'hari Chieftain's Staff - Saurfang 10 - got! love the spi and haste on it and the sockets
Midnight Sun - Gunship 10
Lockjaw - Rotface 10
Frozen Bonespike - Marrowgar 25 - another great weapon, first one snapped up by Sev as well, second one by Bish, the spi on it is nice, but I'm trying to stack more haste
Trauma - Rotface 25

Hmm don't see any yet in what have been released so far in ICC

Idol of the Black Willow - Badges