Healing Saurfang 25

Did 25 man ICC and without our fearless Pally leader we didn't do as well as we normally did. Wiped lots on Deathwhisper, adds were out of control. I think it was a DPS problem. But when it all went good it went perfectly. Marrowgar and Gunship were cake, and we didn't get Saurfang down though I did stuff it up a bit.

This video was from our actual kill last week.
The thing that works best as heal setup for us in Saurfang is as little heals as possible, we do it with 6 (would be better with 5). Spacing the healers is hard, but our successful attempt had 2 pallies at the base of stairs in the corner and the other 4 spread out in a fan futher back at max range. But the pallies pull a bit of threat and when the blood beasts hit them Saurfang's blood power goes up hugely. I think next time I might put shamans down there and put the pallies up the back. Our successful attempt had 2 pallies, 3 druids and a priest.

We let the first 3 people with the (can't remember name of dot) die to the dot without healing them - them having the dot gives him blood power meaning those dots come out faster too. So I have to remember not to heal those people. As long as the first 3 are DPS it's all good. If it's a healer or tank then we have to heal them. The guys can dps though the gain in Saurfang's health when the dotted person dies.

I reglyphed and respecced a bit to be able to heal this fight a bit better.  Dropped my glyphs of swiftmend and regrowth, and replaced them with Glyph of Nourish and Rapid rejuvenation.  I used to think that Glyph of Swiftmend was a you-gotta-have-this-if-you're-resto but now that I have good mana regen and never OOM I don't think I need it anymore.  And I only found out recently that it can eat anybody's HoT, not just my HoTs.  But for glyphs of Nourish and Rapid Rejuvenation to reach their best potential I have to start stacking haste.  I was a crit chick before because of the 4T9 set bonus and now I have to think how am I gonna reach that 850 haste cap...