My taste of Battle Chicken!

One of the most inspiring people I have met is Ambermist, of Tastes like Battle Chicken. Another person I met during the New Blogger Initiative in May 2012 - she wasn't a new blogger however.  She made fun weekly challenges for new bloggers to sink their teeth into and got them involved in projects to not only bring out stories from them but to get them to read other people's stories on the same thing.  I thought it was great, and I joined in on a few too.  She shared some amazing stories about herself, and because she's a mum with 2 kids (like me!) I liked reading about how she juggled kids, raiding and blogging.

I have been trying to visit Ambermist for a while, and not had much luck, but mostly it's because I wanted to surprise her.  We do chat on twitter and I could have just told her I was coming, and one day I giving in and letting her know that I was having difficulty catching her.  So she came and visited ME on my server and left me a little note that made me redouble my efforts!

So with some tweeting we finally met up!  Ambermist came to pick me up and I suggested Ironforge as a location since I hadn't taken any pics there for Navispam.

Roast chicken

There's the Battlechicken!

So Ambermist took me around and then we thought, well, let's go back to Stormwind so she could show me the Pandas.  I didn't even know pandas were around yet!  So down we went to Deeprun tram.

Ambermist says she likes taking the tram.  I wondered if she was really a little boy in disguise - it's a very boy thing to do!

Ambermist said that this was her favourite spot in Stormwind, which was where the druid trainers used to be (I think).  Now it's a smoking ruin after Deathwing ate it.

So we went to go see the pandas!  They were there, and it was cool.  I was quite enamoured with the balloon and a bit bummed off that you couldn't sit in it - you can however sit on top of the balloon.

Can't wait for these mounts!

Oooh looky at the balloon...

Nope, I guess you cant' get in there....
Ambermist was so happy to see me, she kept telling me how she saw me Navispamming other people and she was hoping I would come and visit her.  Geez, how could she not think that I would come see her!  You can pretty much tell who I'm going to visit because if you visit my blog and leave comments and other nice things that make me go squeeeee, and I visit yours then I would want to meet you!  And I am so in awe of her, how she's so supportive and helpful to new people, and giving them the attention that they need to be encouraged to keep blogging!

We talked for ages, about our kids and how they play WoW, and about the funny things they do when we're raiding, all the little things they like to do in game which no self respecting adult would do.... we talked about raiding, about druids, about Mists of Pandaria... we talked about blogging and I embarrassed her by showering her with compliments about being an awesome community leader!  She said that she never expected her shared topics to be so popular - she would have been happy if just one person had done them!  Well, she definitely got more than one participant :P

I even got on her vent to chat and she has such a lovely voice, and we yapped away like old friends until it was time to go.

Here's your sticker Ambermist!  Thank you so much for a hugely enjoyable visit!

Edit: Ambermist did a vlog about my visit!  Her first one every OMG how awesome is that!!! I swear I've watched it about 8 times already - thank you Ambermist for making me feel special :)


  1. I hope she's alright after roasting in Ironforge! Must be though cause I watched her vlog and she looked fine!

    1. Are you sure? I'm pretty sure I watched that vlog too and she was smokin'!

  2. It was very, very cool times, and I'm terribly flattered at all the nice things you said.

    Thank you again, Navi, you are welcome to visit me anytime you want! <3

    1. I love your guild name: He who seeks...that is profound and very cool! Please consider being a Watchdog of Azeroth, too!

      Isn't Navi a sweetheart? Folks like you and her make the World a better place!

    2. I want to be cool like Ambermist!

  3. OK. Firstly, you haven't seen the Pandas on Org?
    Shame on you...

    Secondly, roast chicken, mmmm

    Thirdly, that vlog was great to watch a few days before this post.

    1. I've seen them NOW! I hadn't seen them at the time she mentioned them thuogh :) After I met Ambermist, I went to Org to look for the pandas.


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