Legion Dungeon Achievements: Karazhan and Cathedral

Not long till expac! Might as well knock out a few non-meta achievements for dungeons with some achievement buddies...

HK, Crooked, Coffee, Galestion and myself were the achievement warriors (well, at least Galestion was a warrior), and on Sunday evening, we headed out to Karazhan to start our achievement run.

It's been a while since I've done it on regular mythic. We went in, and since the achieves that I was looking at were in the later part (upper) Karazhan, we thought we'd sneak on upstairs. Umm, we can't. The door's locked. We have to go get Moroes first. Darn it, we have to do a full clear.

Fortunately, along the way Coffee got her final event for Opera, and then everyone else was trying to get Burn After Reading (which was to get all 4 of the sealed Tomes, which are in the 3 rooms in the corridor before Maiden). HK, Crooked and Coffee got all theirs, phew, just enough books to go around!

We polished off Moroes and then we headed up to start on the upper Kara achievements. First one was The Rat Pack, and I was wondering where all the rats were.  We only ever see that one near the door of Shade of Aran! When you loot the rats, rodents of usual size will appear in your bag (I wonder if this a pop culture reference to Rodents of Unusual size in Princess Bride...).  However, we found them all easily, phew! 2 were right at where you zone in after Curator, one was in down the ramp amongst the walking Eredar, one was off the side down the ramp opposite where we'd normally go at the end of the ledge behind an eredar, and the last one in front of Shade of Aran's room.

The first achievement we got was Scared Straight, where you had to click a tome on the floor to get the Paranoid debuff. This makes you run for 5 seconds after you move. Annoying at times, but once you figured out just to stand still, it was no drama! I was worried about Flame Rings but we killed it quick enough that we didn't have to worry about that.

On to Mana Wyrm next and this is where we all got to ride our rats. I was worrying unnecessarily and we got it easily.

After finishing off the dungeon, we decided to hit up Cathedral of Eternal Night for some more achievements.

The first one was Boom Bloom, where we had to explode the flower adds that fixate on us during the first boss on to of some budding seeds. They seeds look like this and they are around the room.

 After the adds pop on it, they flower, like this!

Coffee missed one (it hit her before she got to her budding seed) so we all decided to stand on her seed and explode ours on it, just to be sure. I was worried... but it was ok.

Next up was Thrashbite, and A Steamy Romance Saga. All of the 4 bookshelves need to be destroyed and they drop a book on the ground which you have to click.

I'm just showing you this pic so you can see the books on the ground. They are the ghostly looking books, but you have to click it before he dies of course. The book drops right where the bookcase was, so remember to click it!

After you click the first book (we started in SW corner), you get some debuffs with funny names! After the first book, you get Mildly Amused, after the second you're Moderately Stirred. After the third you're Fairly Excited, and when you click on the last book you get Totally Tantalized and then you can kill Thrashbite.

Some of the others didn't have Master of Shadows where you had to use the shield to block 20 orbs from hitting Illidan. You can do 10 in the first round and 10 if you go slow on DPS and wait for Mephistroth to go into the images phase again, or you can let a couple of orbs go in so that they interrupt Illidan from casting and then the phase doesn't change. Wasn't too bad except we wiped it because someone accidentally died and we weren't sure they would get the achievement so we started over.

Only Seat of the Triumverate left and all the achievements will be wiped off for me for Legion dungeons!