Wednesday raiding - the Lootsaurok

We actually managed to raid on State of Origin night!  Raked of course was a no-show, and surprisingly neither was Bish, but we got a full 10 and Moopie tanked up so we could all go on our mains for Primordius. Roshii, Souglyy, Sabrehawk, Azadelta and Luxygaga were DPSing and Lush went heals to round out our 3 healers.

After having lots of people telling us they "one shot it when we did the burn" our attempts were not so smooth.  Roshii and Aza wanted to do it the proper way and next week time perhaps we can, so they can crack some huge numbers.  However, we did it as many people told us - tank in the middle, we all stand behind Primordius a little bit spread out and ignore everything and just DPS the boss.

We died the first time because we were too bunched up and taking damage from splash.  The second time we hadn't assigned someone to heal the Pathogen person and people died.  But we got it soon after that and everyone complained but we got an achievement so that makes me happy!

Here we are lying around,  bored by the non exciting mechanic of burning the boss
Unfortunately, all loot was sharded.  Poops.

Anyway, having to learn the trash for Dark Animus was a pain!  It took us many goes to figure out that you interrupt the short range casters and we all stand in melee.  After that we were good.

It's very different to LFR!  I won't bore you with too many details but we're still working that out ourselves, but here I am with my Anima hoping that Moo doesn't die.  I think it looks very pretty with all the nice colours everywhere.

Our raid had a brief interruption when everyone who was watching the footy were entertained by a streaker who may or may not have caused the blues to lose... and somehow managed to evade security and interrupt play.

So, more Dark Animus tonight.  Raked is back, so we shall have more bear action and hopefully make some good progress!


  1. That streaker looks like he is about to pounce on the oblivious #12. I actually heard a lot of laughing and squawking next door at the time that was mentioned.

    I'm so glad we got an achievement!

    1. Me too! Lush and Souglyy mentioned it during raid.

  2. Grats on the kill! and a steaker lol in one night!

    OUt of curiosity, people did not like the burn method?

    1. They said it was boooooring. You know what's funny though - healing it wasn't as easy as DPSing it... so I had a fun time trying to heal through it though it wasn't TERRIBLE but it wasn't just hit 6 and 1 or something...

  3. Gratz on the kill and achieve. Corael and I were at the game and watched the streaker enter the field from the southern end, which was where we were sitting watching the game.


    1. Lucky it wasn't YOU guys streaking or I'd be yelling at you when you got back online LOL


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