If only Druids could remove diseases...

Well, the kids gave me a wonderful present for Mother's Day - a cold. I wasn't feeling that bad earlier today but by the afternoon my voice was giving out and the cough was driving me nuts and I had a headache. Lucky it's my day off. There was no raid today so I could relax and not have to stress about getting online to raid - I lay down with the kids while they snuggled up to me and coughed their biological weapons into my face. Thank goodness for iPads so I can sit in bed with my electric blanket on and post whilst I am sitting semi reclined, though I did have a nice picture or two I wanted to stick up today. I wanted to comment on Ancient's TNB interview, and I was proud to hear her talking about her non raiding life and how she really enjoys the solo WoW. She also talked about MogIt and Danslate was in the chatroom and I told him it's a great time waster and he went and installed it. I did giggle at Ancient's request from Blizz which was so very like her - she wanted a dog vendor, like how they have that cat vendor in Elwynn Forest. I have always wondered what I would say for that question, and having had lots of time to think about it, I still can't decide. It's like when you are granted one wish and you're not sure if you should be wishing for World Peace or an end to poverty and hunger, or wishing you struck the lottery... But perhaps I would ask Blizz to bring back another mass world event like the opening of AQ. I really liked all that cooperative effort to get the whole instance going and stuff. I liked handing in fish for the war effort! Oh well, maybe Blizz don't like those things coz low population servers would be disadvantaged. Oh and I should get working on Cymre's shared topic at Blog Azeroth too. Another thing to do when I'm feeling better.


  1. Oh noes, everybody seems to be coming down with something. =(

    Rest up!! Euphyley's orders!!

  2. Oh no! Not you too! All the mother's got sick on Mother's Day weekend.

    It was so wonderful you came to the podcast! I kept trying to see who was there and then being unfamiliar with that Mac I kept having the Safari window blow up and cover the screen, lol, and didn't know how I was doing it.

    Oh, that's great that Danslate discovered MogIt, I hope he enjoys it.

    I hope Blizzard listens to the Twisted Nether podcast, cause really, just a few dogs shouldn't be hard, there must be other dog lovers out there, lol.

    Stay warm and get better soon, I'm treating my cold/flu/whatever with leftover pizza and gallons of water!

  3. Aw Navi, I hope you're feeling better soon! (hug)

  4. Hope you feel much better soon!
    I LOVED running around Azeroth handing in fish, bars etc. Unlocking one part at a time and watching all the others doing the same thing!

    I would've liked to see all the damp diary pages as a collection that you had to find and once collected it would open up a journey of quests, which in turn serve you a little reward! Reading some of those pages back in vanilla days, some of them were pretty funny!

    1. Diary - Day 512

      The bananas have started talking to me and I have learned a great deal about their culture. I have ceased my senseless destruction of their homes and consumption of the young. How little I knew then of the great civilization that I was destroying.

      On another topic I seem to be running low on bottles and paper. When I first looked at those huge stacks of paper that washed ashore I thought they would be inexhaustible. Woe with me, my diary must end soon.

      this is Damp Diary Page (day 512)

    2. @Faithy - I didn't know about those diary pages! Or at least I can't remember them. I really would love a new war effort, I know I'd be in it - especially if they can give you monetary rewards (for the black market and such)

  5. @Euphy - I'm trying! No more late night posting at the computer :)
    @TotA - I hope you feel better too! I feel like a huge sook now reading my whiney post :)
    @Kamalia - TY Kam /hug :) I'm sure I will be back to normal soon :)

  6. Baha and i are pretty sick too :( get well soon nav!


  7. Sharing families are a good thing I thought :P
    Feel better soon

  8. Hope you feel better soon Nav, you didn't sound great the other night. :(

  9. @Roshii - you poor germ and bodily fluid sharing couple! I hope you both feel better soon.
    @Cymre - TY my friend :)
    @Sevrus - you should hear me now.... my voice is gone...


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